How to Easily Double Your MLM Recruiting Results

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There is no question what I am about to share with you, will increase your MLM Recruiting results…

In fact it should not surprise you that is you actually implement this technique that your results double or triple! How to Easily Double Your MLM Recruiting Results

Yes it is that good…

BUT here is the thing…  most of you will not do this… I share this with my own team over and over again and most never do it!

Why?  Not 100% sure, because really it is not hard… it does not take getting out of your comfort zone that much… once you do it one time and see the results you will be instantly sold on it.

No question it is one of the top mlm recruiting secrets used by the top earners in our business…


Are You Ready?!?

I am talking about 3 way calls!!

WOW… I can already hear the groans out there…

Amateur Network Marketers hate doing 3 way calls…  it is crazy!

But what is funny… is ask a Network Marketing professional if you should be doing 3 ways calls and I can assure you that 99.99% of them will give you a resounding yes!

It does nto matter which mlm recruiting technique you are using… 3 way calls will close the deal and get you more distributors, guaranteed!!

Outside of generating or locating prospects (leads) 3 ways calls are probably the most important tool you can use when it comes to recruiting.

Ok… for the purposes of this blog I am going to assume YOU are coachable and serious about your business… and that you will start doing 3 way calls!

So lets get into how you do a 3 way call the right way!

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MLM Recruiting Technique – The Right Way to 3 Way:

There are 2 steps to a rock a 3-way call.the right way!


1) Respect the Expert!

You are getting your prospect on the phone with “The Expert”…

…your prospect has no idea who this person is… so it is crucial that you let the expert be the expert!!

To begin with “edify” the expert… which simply means… brag them up!

Tell your prospect what an incredible expert this expert is! 🙂

And when you get them on the phone, be sure to edify the expert when you are introducing him…

I always use this line when introducing the expert I am using for my 3 ways calls. (yes I do them too!!)

“John… I would like to introduce you to Mr. Expert… he knows this business 100%… He/she is actually leading the (national/Global/Canadian) expansion of this business… and he/she is a great guy and loves to have a great time”


2) Shut YOUR Freaking Pie Hole! mlm recruiting 3 way calls shut your pie hole

It always cracks me up, when somebody does a great job of edifying me to a prospect…

…so now I am this super duper expert in the prospects mind… perfect!

Then BAAMMM…. my team member goes ahead and blows it all by answering ALL the questions that the expert (ME) was brought on the call to answer!

Gang… when you bring “The Expert” on the 3 way call… ALL you do is introduce him/her and then you shut it… you zip that lip… you say NOTHING (for the rest of the call)!!

You now leave it to the expert to do all the sharing…telling…selling… and closing!

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3) An Extra MLM Recruiting Tip For Ya…

This is not a step of the 3-way call… but it is crucial… so pay attention!

…if your upline or “The Expert” that you brought on the call to do the 3-way is any good at all… he or she will have either closed the prospect OR provided them with the NEXT step in the process…

Meaning they would have provided your prospect with a NEW 3rd party tool, that shares the opportunity with them again…

It is CRUCIAL that you follow up with the prospect after they have checked out this new tool!

Follow up is the key to your success…

Here is a Post that will Have You Rocking the Follow Up:

How to Follow Up In Your Network Marketing Business


That is it gang… easy easy  business…

…it makes no difference if you are doing your mlm recruiting on facebook, offline, warm market, attraction marketing, etc…  this strategy works…. and it is easy!

…but what is easy to do is even more easy NOT to do… so it comes down to how serious you are about your success!

Simply get in the habit of making yourself do it over and over and over and over again and before long you will be addicted to the 3 way call because it will be making you a killing!


Your Turn —  Hit the comment section below and let us know your thoughts and/or experiences with 3 Way Calls!

Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach

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