How to Be Happy in Life

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How to Be Happy in Life

Have you ever become upset and frustrated with yourself because for some reason you just can not figure out how to be happy in life? how to be happy in life

You see other people and they look like they are having a ball, loving life and happy as can be… and you wonder why you can’t be that way also?

The truth is that like anything in life Happiness is something you have to work at… It is a decision you make.

You must set being happy as a goal of yours and then you go to work to make it happen.

When people ask me how to be happy in life the first thing they think I am going to tell them it is about having money… but the truth is that you could have all the money in the world and still be unhappy.

You will hear other people say that family and friends will bring you happiness… and while yes it is a great thing to be around people who love you, it is very possibly that you could have a huge family and hordes of friends and still be incredibly lonely and unhappy.

Being happy is a choice… it is a habit that you must develop.

You will have to work at it.

In fact you could say that you must learn how to be happy in life.

life is too short to be anything but happy

So let’s look at just 4 quick steps you can start to implement to help you get started on the way to living a happy life.

Step 1) Create balance in your life.

This includes spending quality time, with friends and family… reasonable time at work (you enjoy)… making sure to include activities in your life that you enjoy to do (Me time)… exercising, staying fit and eating healthy… and taking time to relax!


Step #2) Dump the Job You Hate!

Most people are unhappy because they hate their job. They dread going to their job every day. It owns them, it controls them and they feel their living only to work the job.

It does not have to be this way… you can change your circumstances at any moment you choose to!

So man up and start figuring out what type of career you would enjoy.

What type of work would make you happy?

Then put a plan in place to make the transition to that type of career. It is never too late… you can become anyone you wish to become.

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Step #3) Get your debt under control.

When people get unhappy they think to themselves that they need more stuff. If only they had that new boat, that new truck, a hot tub, etc etc.

What happens is they end up maxing out their credit cards and debts by buying all this stuff only to find out the stuff did not make them happy…

And now they are in major debt… the cycle repeats itself… more stuff more debt and more unhappiness because the debt starts to weigh on them.

Break the habit of spending now… and put a plan in place to get out of debt.


Step #4) Get in shape!

Anytime I am feeling down or unhappy I can very quickly point to the fact that I have slacked off on my exercise and nutrition plan.

Eating well and exercising does all sorts of great things for you.

It makes you feel refreshed, it makes you feel healthy, it makes you feel vibrant, and it makes you feel good about yourself…

Which all of these things obviously help in making you feel happier.

You do not have to go overboard with this… 3-4 times a week doing some sort of exercise is fine… even getting out for a nice walk will do wonders for your mindset.

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In the end gang, it is not so much about learning how to be happy in life, as it is simply choosing to do what is required to make yourself happy.

It will not just happen… you will have to work on it and it will take time.

However it is obvious that living a happy life is worth the time and effort!


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