How to Achieve Anything You Want

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How to Achieve Anything You Want

Everyone wants to be successful at something. Every one of us has a goal in mind that we truly wish to achieve. dwayne the rock You Can Achieve Anything

Every one of us has started at some point in our lives working towards achieving that goal…

But the fact is that most people have failed to reach their goal and to get what they truly want!


Why is that?

Why is it that people will make a decision to accomplish something, (whether it is losing weight, getting in shape, starting a part time business, spending more time with family, etc) only to get started for a few days maybe a week or so and then QUIT?!?!

The answer is Motivation… or a lack of it!

People start things when their emotions are high… when they are excited… when they are motivated!

But over time the excitement and motivation levels slowly drop…

… as people fall into the daily routine of what is required to be a success (work), the fun starts to go away, the excitement disappears, the motivation to do what is required seeps away!


So What is the Solution?

From my personal experience the solution to this problem was summed up perfectly by the Late but oh so great “Zig Ziglar” when he said…

“People often say that Motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it DAILY”!

This is why I LOVE Personal development so much… it is why I write this blog on Personal Development and success!

Daily Personal Development keeps me motivated… it keeps me moving forward… it keeps my energy level high… it helps me to stay in action when life tries to beat me up… it keeps me doing what needs to be done even when I may not feel like doing it!


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How Personal Development Changed Me

The first success I had in life came almost immediately after I start engaging in daily personal development activities (reading books and listening to audios)… learn to work harder on yourself than you do on your job

It was literally almost immediately…

I had always wanted to have my own business but could never seem to get started…

I came across a copy of “Think & Grow Rich: by Napoleon Hill” in an airport on my way home from a sales meeting…

The book changed everything for me; I will never be the same.

I finished reading it while at the airport (stuck in a snow storm) and on the flight home… within a few short months I was in business for myself!

Think and Grow Rich was just the start, ever since I try and read any success and motivation book I can find… I do so in the morning when I first get up… and I read a few pages at night before I go to bed. During the day while driving I listen to motivational audios… and during the day while working I may even have something playing in the background!

Any time I start to slack off form the activities I know I should be doing to reach my goals… anytime I start to get discouraged… I can immediately trace this lack of motivation back to the fact I most likely have slipped out of my personal development routine.

And the instant I get back into it my energy levels and motivation to do what is required comes back.


So I Challenge You…

Do not believe me… Find out for yourself!

Commit to my Personal Development plan for the next 30 days!

It is only 30 days and if you can not commit to it then you are simply not serious about making the changes you think you want in your life!



30 Day Challenge:

=> For 30 days get up 30 minutes earlier and read a good personal development book. 30-Days-To-Success-Challenge

As indicated Think & Grow Rich is a great one and is NOT just for getting Wealthy, it will help you achieve any goal.

Get your copy here!

I am presently reading again, “The Magic of Thinking Big”, which is another old classic that rocks!

Get your copy here!


=>  Download some audio programs to listen to in your car while driving to and from work. Tony Robbins is great, as is Jim Rohn and Zig Ziglar.


=>  Before you go to bed, while lying in bed, read a page or 2 of your book again. This will focus your subconscious mind on success while you sleep. (Powerful).

Do this and I can Promise you, that within 30 days you will be a new person…

You will be focused and you will be making positive changes in your life!

BUT… I caution you… if you like the results after 30 days, do not think you are a changed person … keep going on the Personal Development plan, because it is incredibly easy to fall out of being motivated if you do not continue to feed your mind with the good stuff!

Success at anything is simply a decision my friend… and getting motivated it no different!

The choice is YOURS… take the 30 Day Challenge or Not!


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Make Things Happen!!
Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach



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