How Much Money are You Making In Your MLM Business?

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How Much Money are You Making In Your MLM Business?

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Hey gang… if you have been in network marketing for any length of time at all, you have been asked more then once by a prospect: How Much Money are You Making In Your MLM Business?

– How much money are you making?


– How is it working for you?

Now for most Networkers this is the kiss of death…

They lock up cold and shut’er down… they start mumbling and stuttering and it is all over for them.

If you have not been asked this question yet, that tells me you are simply not engaged in recruiting activities… (ah ha busted!)

So how can you handle this mlm objection…

Yes it is without a doubt an objection!

So just be prepared for it…

There are two ways to answer this objection:


MLM Income Objection Handling Strategy #1) However the easiest and best way to answer this question is to be 100% honest… I know I know… shocking!

Simply tell them that you yourself are just getting started in your network marketing business.

That you yourself were in their shoes not too long ago and were presented with this opportunity and immediately saw the incredible opportunity associated with it.

AND… that you have started working with an incredible team, filled with people who are seeing amazing results with it.

NOW… be sure to have a person who HAS had success on stand by, ready to do a 3 -way call…

…This person will hopefully be in your upline. He/she may not be your sponsor but there needs to be someone in your upline who will help you (If NOT get out of that company!).

Then simply say to your prospect that you are working directly with Mr. So & So who knows this business 150%, is doing incredible things with it, has created a awesome income and that you would like to introduce them to him/her.

Then swing on over to the 3-way call… and let your upline take it from there!

Easy stuff… will take a bit of practice but follow this format and you will LOVE that question, because it sets up the 3-way call so easily and the 3-way call will make you BIG BIG BUCKS!!


MLM Income Objection Handling Strategy #2) This strategy for handling this objection is also very powerful. You see when a prospect gives you this objection it is really just them trying to deflect the attention off of them, they are stalling and delaying or looking for a way out.

So I like to throw this at them…

“Great question John, what I really believe you are asking when you ask this question is whether YOU will be able to make money in this business opportunity… and I can not answer that John because I do not know… because it is 100% up to you…

You see John some people make a lot of money on this business and others make some money and others don’t make any money at all…

and it is all based on how much if any work THEY put into the business…

What I can tell you John is if you can commit to 5-15 hours per work part time, are coachable and will follow our system and training there is no reason why you can not do very well with this business”.

Then because 3 ways calls are so powerful I always like to get them on the phone with a upline leader with this strategy also…

That is it gang… just realize you are going to be asked this question when building your network marketing business, so just be prepared for it and turn it into an opportunity to close the deal with an upline leader!

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To YOUR success!
Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach

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