How Many Presentations Did I Make Yesterday

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How Many Presentations Did I  Make Yesterday?

So if I asked you personally how many presentations or calls to prospects you made yesterday what would your answer be? network marketing success is a decision

5… 10…  20+?

My gut is that for the majority of Network Marketers the answer would be a big fat 0?

Why is that?

You are in business are you not?

That would be like Star Bucks saying they never opened their store yesterday…


Your Business Requires Exposures

Your business is run on you exposing people to your opportunity, that is it!

This business is so stinking easy we have over complicated it to the max…

ALL we are doing is building a Network… that is it!  You are building a group of people who are going to use your product and share it with other people… that is it.

=> You do not have to create the product…

=> You do not have to figure out how to package the product…

=> You do not have to figure out how to ship the product…

=> You do not have to deal with payroll and staffing issues…

ALL you are doing is Building a Network!  (that’s it… so stop complicating it!)


And you do that by having people take a look at your opportunity…  You are not selling them and you are not trying to convince them to join…

Some will some won’t who CARES… that is not your job to worry about… your ONLY job is to find more people to put your opportunity in front of.

You are not allowed to whine about not being able to find people to talk to…

…People are EVERYWHERE… Open your eyes my friend and look around.

Do not let yourself fall for the self made lie that there is not anyone to talk to… it is an easy trap to fall into … been there myself many years ago… I finally realized that is just an excuse I was using… PEOPLE ARE EVERYWHERE… talk to them, share your opportunity with them.


Get Serious & Set A Prospecting Goal

Set a goal of how many “No’s” you are going to get daily… if you do not know what I am talking about here is a link to a training I did on the importance of going hard after as many No’s as you can get!

For the record I know there are some reading this saying… ya ya Robb, how many did you presentations or calls did you make yesterday Mr. Big Mouth!

I made 26 calls yesterday… 4 of them resulted in presentations… lots of messages left and a few not interested… I then followed up with ALL the calls I made with a personal email to the prospects…

… This by the way was on top of my other daily activities, writing a blog post, shooting a video and meeting 10 new people… providing value on my facbeook profile and page…  being on a 2 hour training call and speaking with my upline for about 30 minutes….  Plus I run my full time insurance claims business and have a busy family of 4!



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(Here is the Video version of this training for you movie buffs!)

Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach

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