How I Know if You’ll Have Network Marketing Success

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If someone comes to me asking for help with their network marketing business and they are wondering why they network marketing successhave not had any real success…

…it takes me about 5 minutes to figure out their problem.

Wanna know how I do it?


The Proof is in the pudding…

I simply have them explain their daily routine to me.

What are you doing daily to get the network marketing success you say you want?

Show me your schedule.

Usually it comes down to 1 of 2 problems…


Problem #1:

The 1st problem is usually that most people are spending way to much time engaged in “Fool Yourself” into think you are busy building your network marketing business activities…

Things such as:

cleaned my office

spoke with my downline

spammed my product on my facebook page

spoke to my sponsor/upline

reviewed the compensation

sharpened some pencils

checked out the new product launch

read a chapter in a network marketing book

etc etc

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Problem #2:

The 2nd is the people who are looking for the push button magic formula for network marketing success…

The people who have turned to the internet as the quick and easy way to build their network marketing business.

They spend all of their allotted business building time writing blog posts, doing videos, writing articles, tweeting and twittering around…

They have convinced themselves they can have network marketing success by only doing attraction marketing activities…

This is a long long long and painful road AND I even question if it will be possible for you to ever have success in this industry if this is your plan.

The reason for it is two fold:


Reason #1) It will take you a LONG time of daily consistent…

…over and over again repetitive grind it out activities to even get your first network marketing lead, let alone enough lead flow coming in to build a downline!


Reason #2) Once you do get to a point that you are able to generate enough mlm leads to recruit distributors into your business…

… what are you going to do with them?

All you know how to do is Attraction marketing stuff… but you just saw how long it is going to take you to recruit someone doing this…

…so if you only know how to do attraction marketing and you do not engage in traditional recruiting methods…

Yup you guessed it…

… your new team member will not either AND most of them will not stick around long enough to figure attraction marketing out…

… so you will never get any duplication or momentum happening in your business…

…and you are TOAST!

(continued below)


The Secret to Your Network Marketing Success

So if you truly want Network Marketing Success then you need to always always always be engaged in ACTIVE recruiting…

Don’t know what active recruiting is check these two posts:

3 Active MLM Marketing Strategies (that rock!)

Active Verses Passive MLM Marketing Strategies
Basically Active Recruiting is…

Always sharing your business with at least 2 people every day for the rest of your career in the business.

This is called “Rain Making” activities!!

One of the best network marketing books on the market that will get your head right about this business is Mark Yarnell’s “Your First Year in Network Marketing”.

You need to read this book, you can check it out on Amazon here:
Your First Year in Network Marketing


We are professional recruiters gang….

What we do is recruit guys… that is what we do.

Success in this industry is all about learning how to recruit people into your business.

Attraction Marketing is awesome… and it works… BUT it only works if you have implemented it as one of your business building strategies…

As my mentor always told me…

Do any recruiting activity you like AS LONG as it is on top of the basics, not instead of them!


So do what you like… but!

If you want to blog… go ahead and blog, I do…

BUT make sure it is on top of prospecting actively at least 2 people a day.

And when you sponsor someone make sure they start with the basics…

…the warm market go to your list stuff… it works it has been proven over and over again for years and years…

…it is what creates duplication in your business… and it will ensure your network marketing success!

So check yourself…

…do not try and fool or lie to yourself… what are you doing daily to get you to your goal??

And adjust it to make sure it will take you to where you want to go.


Video Will You Have Network Marketing Success?


Your Turn So what do you think? What is your daily schedule like? Are you actively recruiting people every day?

Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach

P.S. Are you hopelessly TERRIBLE at recruiting?  

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