Why People Fail at Network Marketing

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Why People Fail at Network Marketing

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I was recently talking to some people about how great Network Marketing is and how as Eric Worre says… It is a Stone Cold Fact we have a better way.

Not being in the industry or being a sceptical person in nature they were of course bringing up how so many people fail in this industry. Network Marketing success is just showing up

Now if I were a novice or a weak-minded person I would be all bumbling around.. and stuttering and muttering… oh ha ha ya ya um um um… awwwwww…. oh alright ya got me!  LOL

Not so much…  cause I know why people fail in this business and it has NOTHING to do with the industry of Network Marketing at all…

It has EVERYTHING to do with the person who failed…

(I will admit there are rare situations where it is not the persons fault, but 9.99 times out fo10 it is their fault… ouch people are going to hate hearing this, but as they say the Truth Hurts)

Network Marketing is JUST like going to the Gym…

=> How many times have people joined a gym, went 2 or 3 days and quit?

=> How many times have people started a diet and quit?

=> How about learning a musical instrument?

=> How many people have a musical instrument in their house, guitar, piano, a freaking clarinet for Pete Sake…  started to learn how to play, took a few lessons or bought a instructional book… but then QUIT??

Network Marketing is no different…

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Only the people who REALLY want it will put in the time to go for it.

…and the CRAZY thing is What we do is NOT hard… in fact it is so simple we have to call it easy.

Where can you go and in order to create a 6 figure income part time… all  you have to do is ask at least 2 people per day if they are open to looking at a side project that did not interfere with what they are currently doing?

Then if they are open which at least 8 of of every 10 people will tell you they are at least open to looking… simply send them to your companies business presentation… set a follow up time and COLLECT their decision!




Do that over and over and over again UNTIL you make it… and even then keep on keeping on, why stop… it is EASY and the more you do the more your Network Marketing business is going to grow!

The reason most people will not do this is they are concerned about what others will think…

=> They are AFRAID of rejection… and it crumbles them.

=> They are comfortable working their 9-5 job, even though they hate it… and they go to it because they HAVE to…  they have a boss making them and they have bills to pay that provides them this life that they are comfortable with…

…and when they day that they hate is over they would rather come home and watch other people on TV living their dream, then go and create their own…. because they have grown comfortable.

=> They do not want to step outside of their comfort zone…

=> This is why people who fail at network marketing fail!

But if you can grow some thick skin…

… if you can build some self determination and make yourself do just a little extra each day…

and realize that you are the master of your destiny and that you have found the better and show up every day even when you do not feel like it…  you will have great success.

Why do you think that 80% of all Network Marketers who stick with a company for 10 years create a 6 figure income… because they simply showed up for 10 years and di that little extra in their day to create the life they desire!

Just show up gang!


So YOUR Turn What Do You Think?!?!

Let me know in the comments section if you got any value from this AND fill me in on your thoughts!

(Here is the Video version of this training for you movie buffs!)

Sooo… what do you think?  Comment below and let me know you are ALIVE !!

Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach

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