Help… I Generated A Lead… Now What??

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Help… I Generated A Lead… Now What??

I find that many of the training articles and blog posts and videos on the internet are for the most part focused on how to generate new leads. Which is obviously not a bad thing and in fact a very important component to the MLM Success help I generated a MLM leadpuzzle!

However generating new prospects or leads is never all by itself going to build you a large downline.

You can build the best lead generation system in the universe, but if you do not know what to do with the leads you generate what good are they really to you?

So you have a lead on the phone, what do you do?

Well I can tell you what 99% of Networkers do… they try to sell sell sell… they get all excited they have a warm body on the other end of the phone line and they just go off at the mouth!

They talk about this, they talk about that, they try to sell this quality of the business; they try to sell that quality of the business… (timing, product, compensation plan, leadership, etc, etc,etc!)

Wrong Wrong Wrong!!

There are really two approaches to successful prospecting…



With the people who you know and who know you, the relationship is already established…

So in these cases you simply pick up your phone and keep it short and sweet… saying as absolutely as little as possible!

Let me say that again… “Say As Little As Possible!”

Simply call them up, let them know you would like them to do you a favor and watch a video, do not get into questions about what it is about, simply ask them to do you a favor and check it out…

Being sure to set up a time for a follow up conversation.

Easy… short and simple… selling nothing…. simply pointing them towards a 3rd party tool (your presentation video) … and setting up a follow up time.



These would be typically leads you have either generated on your own through one method or another.

And they have requested information from you about your business.

With these prospects, you must develop a relationship as they do not know you.

This is done b y simply picking up the phone… and then asking them questions!

This is a BiG Big shift from what most people do…

Most people would call the new prospect, try to sell them and then spend an hour ANSWERING questions! (letting the prospect do the asking!!)

Wrong Wrong Wrong!

=> You are in charge!

=> You have something they need.

=> You are the leader!

YOU Stay In Control Of The Conversation!

You do this by asking questions about them!

Such As:

=> What made them want information about your business?

=>  What do they do for a living, etc?

=>  Why do they want to build a Network Marketing business?

=> Have they ever built a MLM Business before?

Keep it all about them…


Have Posture…

What I do before I make a call is I get into my character… I am an interviewer… and about to “INTERVIEW” someone for a job in my company! In an interview I ask the questions and the candidate has to impress me!

This is a HUGE game changer. Get this mindset and you will start seeing much better results from you prospecting.

Then once you are done asking enough questions, you can say something along the lines that you believe they would be a good fit for the team, and what you would like them to now do is go and check out your business presentation on your website… being sure to securing a follow up time with them.

That’s it… off you go to the next prospect. Do not fall into the trap of answering questions about what your opportunity is about.

They will ask, but just let them know that your business presentation video on your website will explain it all and then you will get all their questions answered after they have watched the video.

Keep it simple and stay in control and you will increase the numbers of people you recruit guaranteed!


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To YOUR success!
Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach

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