Happy Birthday to Me & 4 MLM Success Tips for You

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Hey gang… so yesterday I turned the big bad 42 years old… madness how fast those 42 years flew by!

For the last 11 –12 years of those 42 years I have been significantly involved in the wonderful world of network marketing… 4 mlm success tips for you

…and over that time I have had some tremendous mlm success… as well as some tremendous hard on the head frustrating times!

However I would not change any of it and have learned some serious mlm success lessons…

…lessons that have taught me exactly what is required to have mlm success long term!

The type of success that is not fleeting… here today gone tomorrow… but rather the type of success that we are all seeking… the walk away residual income, drink out of a coconut on the beaches of the world the rest of your life success!

And today I am going to share 4 of these hard learned lessons with you… lets call them:

Robb’s 42 birthday top 4 MLM Success Tips! 🙂


MLM Success Tip #1:

Make the damn decision!

Are you in or are you out?

There is no trying network marketing… that does not work!

MLM success requires an iron clad decision…

… You can NOT be Wishy Washy… you can not say you are going to try it and see how it goes… you MUST really, truly, honestly, absolutly, once and for all make the decision that you ARE going to become a MLM success!

Nothing less will do!

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MLM Success Tip #2:

EVERYTHING takes time!

Including your mlm success! Or should I say especially your mlm success.

This was and has been one of the hardest lessons in my life to learn… I want everything NOW!

I want hordes of leads piling in… I want a massive downline immediately… I want tons of sales right away!

But in this business AND in anything else worthwhile in life… that is simply NOT the way it happens!

Now do not get me wrong… Network Marketing is the short cut to creating a very substantial lifestyle…

… BUT it does not and will not happen over night!

Sooo… Settle in!

Focus on the required daily activities and NOT the results!

Commit to doing this and just focus on the doing and the results will happen.

It could take 12, 18, 24 months before things really start to roll… BUT when they do… WOW what a freaking lifestyle… holy jumping’s the fun you will have!

So give your network marketing business and yourself the time you deserve!


MLM Success Tip #3:

You can’t do it ALL!

The internet is an incredible THING!

But it is also a very dangerous thing when it comes to allowing you to get Lost and jeopardizing your chances of success.

Shiny Object syndrome is the biggest reason people fail in our day and age…

People go online.. see one business opportunity give it a try then see another flash on their screen and BAM they are gone to that one and then off to another one, etc etc…

Then there is the MLM training traps out there… every so called Guru is telling you to take their training, buy their course, use their method of advertising or marketing…

To be honest it is down right frustrating… you can fall down the rabbit hole of always taking courses, trying new marketing systems, jumping to new opportunities that you get so confused and lost that you never accomplish a damn thing!

You CAN’T do it ALL!

So pick 1 MLM Training that has been proven to work… learn it… implement it… master it… get results from it… AND then and only then consider adding an additional strategy to your game plan!

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MLM Success Tip #4:

You might as well do it… Life is going to happen to you anyways!

Get started today!

1 year from now you will have wished you had!

As long as you keep yourself healthy there is a great chance you will still be around 5 years from now…

… So if you do not get started today what will your life look like 5 years from now? Probably the exact same as it does right now..

For things to change you must change!

You might as well start building the business… why not? Life is going to happen… if you do nothing and are miserable life will always be that way!

Why not do something great?

Why not shoot for the moon… if you fail to hit the moon you will end up in the stars! Its all good!

So start taking steps… become consistent… learn the skills… get some mlm training… and get to work… your future self will thank you for it!


YOUR Turn:  I trust these words of wisdom from this 42 year old provided you with some value?

If so hit me up below with a comment… let me know… and if you need some help building your business pick up my free report at the bottom of this post!


Here is a short video actually gives you 1 extra MLM tip…


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Remember comment below and let me know if you got value from this!  Thanks you Rock!

Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach

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