Find You’re Real Self Again & Be Happy

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Find You’re Real Self Again & Be Happy

When you think about it, it seems weird that we could really be someone other than who we really are doesn’t it?

However from the very second we are born we are being manipulated or programmed to fit into society, to become the type of person others think we should be. Just be yourself and be happy

Before we know it we are conforming and becoming the person we feel we should be in order to make the people we love happy.

The problem with this is that in order to keep others happy, you have to suppress the person that is the real you!!

However being the real you is the most important component to living a happy and fulfilled life.

And the irony is that if you try to be the person you think other people want you to be in order to make them happy, you will turn into an unhappy person and this will not make the one’s you love happy!

So… if you are ready to lead a happy life and are prepared to get re-acquainted with the person you have not been around in a while, I.e. YOU… implement these 3 strategies to help you rediscover who you truly are!


Re-Discover You Strategy #1: Quiet the noise in your head.

You can do great things. You can live the life of your dreams. You can become the person you have always wanted to become. You can achieve the goals and dreams you have always wished for. little-voice-mastery

But in order to do so you have to tune out the negative noise in your head. The one telling you that you are too old, that you do not have enough money, that you are too busy, that you could never realize your dreams.

Quiet this noise!

The only way to do so is to focus in on that one little quiet voice in your head that tells you that “Maybe, just maybe you can!”

Make that voice the only one you listen to. Every time the negative voices kick in, focus on that little positive voice and TAKE ACTION!

As you do this more and more the little positive voice will get stronger and louder, eventually tuning out the negative garbage!

Need help with this?  I highly recommend the book Little Voice Mastery by Blair Singer, you can check it out here!

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Re-Discover You Strategy #2: Think Positive Thoughts.

Personal development changed my life. Personal development is studying, reading, listening to positive, self help and motivating material.

Do this AT LEAST once on a daily basis!

Wake up and read a blog like this, in fact subscribe to our Daily motivator. Start your day motivated.

Read a good motivation book like we recommend here.

Listen to motivating audios in your car when travelling, turn off the music and negative news and focus on getting inspired instead.

Watch motivating videos on YouTube, like these ones.

What you put in your mind expands and your mind focuses on it and you become it. Put positive material in and you will become a positive, motivated and passion filled person.

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Re-Discover You Strategy #3: Follow your heart.

Sounds simple right? However by the time we are “all grown up” pretty much all of us have quit listening to what our hearts are telling us and instead figure we are rational people following what our heads tell us.

Follow your heart.  Make your brain work for your heart and be happy.

Follow your heart. Make your brain work for your heart and be happy.

Your head and heart need to be a team. What you think and what you feel need to come together into a perfect balance.

Do not always allow your mind to tell you what your feeling is not possible… do not let your mind always tell you that what you feel you want to accomplish in life is not realistic.

Instead control your mind and put it to work to follow your feelings, make it come up with the plan to allow you to achieve the goals your heart wants to achieve.

Train your mind to work FOR You and not against you! Teach it how to figure out how to get you started on the path to success… the steps you need to take.


Final Thoughts:

Your real self is waiting for you to get re-acquainted and be happy. Your real self is waiting for you to take the time to listen to it, to understand who you are truly meant to be and to accept the real you.

When you learn to accept the Real YOU, you will have taken the first step on the journey to living a Happy and Fulfilled life!


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