How to do Network Marketing Online

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How to do Network Marketing Online

Are you struggling to figure how to to market your mlm on the internet? How to do Network Marketing Online2

Well in todays post and video (below) I am going to help you understand how the internet fits into your plan of building your mlm business.

The internet is an awesome tool, but it is also the reason many people fail at building their mlm business.


So here is the deal…

IF your goal is to build your MLM business…  meaning recruit downline members, sell product and create a large organization…

… Then it is crucial and I mean crucial that you ONLY spend no more then 25% of your time on Internet Marketing!

The rest of your time 75% needs to be spent on meeting people and sharing your opportunity with them… i.e. recruiting!

See why people fail is they run to the Internet and think it is the easy way to success.. and they end up focusing ALL their time on the internet and give up the other activities!

This is wrong and a sure fire receipt for failure!

The internet takes time to learn…  which means it will take you some time to recruit people… AND if you are focusing ONLY on the internet then your downline team members will want to also and they will also fail if they only use the internet!

Ok so that was the bad news…


Here is the good stuff…

The internet ONCE figured out… once you have created traction and a name for yourself by providing value is an incredible tool.. so yes use it… but again for only 25% of your business building time.

Here is how you use it correctly…

YOU want to go after people who are in Research Mode… verses people who are in Buying Mode!

Now I can hear some of you saying… “Robb say what man?… why would I not want to go after the people who are ready to buy’??

Simple reason… there are NOT many of them…

…And EVERYONE else and their mother is going after them … which means heavy heavy competition.


Focus on the Researchers..

The internet is filled with people in Research Mode… people looking for an answer to a solution…  in the case of MLM… it could be people looking for information on how to recruit more distributors… or how to use Facebook to recruit, etc.

Where as only a very small fraction of people are in buying mode.. meaning they are ready to buy RIGHT NOW and are ready to buy into your business… I have heard stats that maybe 2-5% of people are in buy now mode!

And what happens is that most Network Marketers who are using the internet have no clue how to use it correctly and they are online chasing after the small group of buyers… spamming their business opportunity everywhere.

… they become spammers or product pushers!

So here is what happens…  you have a small group of people ready to buy… with a LARGE group of people chasing them…

Obviously it becomes very very very difficult for you to stand out from the crowd and get theses buyers attention.


The Secret to Network Marketing Online…

So the secret to success using the internet to market your mlm business is to focus on the 95 – 98% of people who are in research mode…

=> You do this by providing VALUE… Not selling!

=> You do this by sharing what you have learnt in training’s like this…

=> You do this by educating them…

=> You do this by showing them you are here to help them…

And what happens is that OVER time as your relationship with them grows…  as they come to see you as a person of value they ever so slowly start moving from being in research stage to moving to the ready to buy stage…

…and because you are the person they have come to know love and trust… you are the person they want to buy and do business with!

Do you get this?  This should be a major “Ah ha” moment for most of you… because most people are doing it ALL wrong…


Talk to me…

Comment below, hit me up on facebook… drop me an email whatever… but let me know what you think… ask me your questions… I am here to help you figure this out!

And if you found value in this please share this content on facebook or twitter, I appreciate it!

(Here is the Video version of this training for you movie buffs!)

To YOUR success!
Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach

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