Falling Down Verses Failing Up

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Falling Down Verses Failing Up

Gang a key concept that you must understand on your way to achieving anything in life is that you are bound to fall down from time to time.

In fact there is a very high probability that you will fail (more then once) on your way to the top.

And as a matter of a fact I wish this for you. (Shocking!)

Now I do not say this to be a jerk, but rather I say this for a few reasons:

Reason #1) Because I know it is going to happen, it happens to all of us. There is not a successful person who has not fallen down and scraped their knees more times then they can recall.

There are very few successful people out there who have not failed numerous times before making it to the top.

Thomas Edison failed thousands of times before finally making the light bulb work.

Reason #2) The 2nd reason I wish you to fail, is you will learn more! People learn what works, by first learning what does not work.

Understand it happens to everyone. It is part of the process. People actually fail their way to the top.

The only way you ever really have failed is if you stay down after you fall.

Get back up when you fall, dust yourself off, learn the lessons and get going again!

Success is a journey for all of us…  failure key to success michael jordan

The way God created the universes  requires that we prove we are serious, it tests us to see if we are serious about what we want to achieve.

If we give up after a few set backs then we were undeserving of the rewards that would come with the achievement of our goals.

I encourage you to go and study successful people. Read their stories of how they struggled time and time again before finally breaking through and making it to the top. You will very quickly come to realize that you are in very good company. That what you are going through is not only normal, but a part of the process.

Think about the child learning to walk? How many times do they fall down before they finally figure out this walking thing? Do they give up after a few times of falling down? No they keep on trying and falling and trying and falling before they finally start to walk and before you know it they are running!

The very same concept holds true for us in everything we want to accomplish in life… the key is to simply keep on keeping on. While also taking the time to learn the lessons from our falls!

Enjoy the journey gang!

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Until Next Time
Keep on Rocking!
Robb Corbett

Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach







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