Embrace The Struggle & Keep Going

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Embrace The Struggle & Keep Going (it will be worth it!)

There is no question that the beginning stages of building your Network Marketing business can be a struggle for most. Success in Network Marketing

Anyone who tells you different is simply trying to sell you something.

The best illustration I have heard for the journey to the top in Network Marketing is…

… That success in Network Marketing is very much like pushing on a boulder that is sitting at a top of a hill, trying to get it to roll down the hill…

…it is a struggle (but do-able) to get it to start rolling…  but once you do get it rolling, it takes off, slowly at first but faster and faster as the momentum picks up, until it is an unstoppable force!


Same principal applies in Network Marketing…

You absolutely can have success in this business…  anyone can…

…but it is not Get Rich Quick..

…it takes learning new skills and it takes applying them…  and it will take you awhile to get good at them.

But if you can stick it out…  you will get better, you will start to see results, you will start to sponsor people, you will start to have a downline growing…

…and before long the combined efforts of yourself and your teammates is going to create an unstoppable force in your business. (Just like that boulder!)


Why People Fail in Network Marketing

And this is why people fail…

They think Network Marketing is Get Rich quick…  they join with this expectation, and most likely this is how they were prospected into the business.

They are lead to believe they will only have to recruit a few people and their business will take off…

…they were lead to believe the  product will itself and everyone will want to buy the product and join their business!

So what happens is when they join they are excited, then they go and talk to a few of the people they are closest too… those people shut them down HARD… laugh at them and/or discourage them…

… and guess what?  Yup their excitement is GONZO…  they may linger around for a few months, but they are DONE!


Network Marketing is The Short Cut

The truth of this business is that it is not Get Rich Quick…

BUT it is the quickest way possible that you could ever become wealthy besides being lucky and winning the lottery or an inheritance.

It is the short cut to success…  you have found it.

3-5 years working part time hours of 10 –15 hours per week and you can create a serious residual income stream… that will provide you with the lifestyle that most people can only dream about.

=> The truth is, that it will take time and effort and work on your part.

=> The truth is that it is NOT hard work, but it is work that must be done on a consistent basis.

=> The truth is that you WILL have to learn new skills.  Not hard to do anyone can learn them, but you will still have to learn them.

=> The truth is that YES you can do this!

=> The truth is that YES you can become a monster success at this!

=> The truth is that with Network Marketing we truly do have the better way!

So make the commitment to yourself you are going to start what you finished, you are going to keep on pushing forward!

You deserve it!

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To YOUR success!
Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach

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