Each day, I take time to enjoy the moment.

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Each day, I take time to enjoy the moment.

I make time throughout my day to step back and appreciate the moment. These moments, regardless of how small they are, bring me immense enjoyment.

I allow myself a few minutes to step away from the cares of the day whenever I see fit and just enjoy the moment. Taking a break self reflection boat anchoredlike this helps revitalize me and gives me the energy to continue throughout my day.

I choose to take time out of my day, even if that means making alternate arrangements to make this possible. I value this time and take care to refrain from minimizing its importance.

These moments are just as important, if not more important, than anything else in my day.

I realize that my productivity and well being increase when I take this time to myself. In the morning, I relish the first moment upon waking and at night, the last moment before going to bed.

Throughout the day, I listen to myself and take time when it is needed.

Today, I choose take time to enjoy the moment. This may mean taking time in the morning, throughout the day, or whenever I feel the need.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. When is a good time for me to enjoy the moment?
2. What does enjoying the moment mean to me?
3. What are ways that I can communicate my need to take time for myself?

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