Don’t Waste Your Time

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Don’t Waste Your Time

It was funny I was remembering back to my early network marketing prospecting days… I would get a prospect on the phone and man that call would last forever! don't waste time with wrong mlm prospects

I would talk about everything with this person.

By the end of it I knew their dogs name, their first grade teachers name and just about everything else there was to know.

On top of that they knew everything about me and even worse everything about my business opportunity.

I was just so excited to have someone to talk to that that is exactly what I did I talked and talked and talked….

And what were the results? A massive phone bill and ZERO recruits!

A complete and utter waste of my time and my money!

See it is human nature to do what I did…

When you finally get someone on the line you feel like you need to become their buddies, their best friends!


This is Natural and it is Really Done So Out of FEAR.

=> A fear of losing them.

=> A fear of following a script.

=> A fear of sharing your business, etc!

As you progress in this business you will see generating leads is EASY, once you learn the skills!

However the problem is learning what to do with those leads after they are generated.

You need to keep in mind that time is money…

You must take the time to learn how to deal with these prospects.


Always Remember That You Are SORTING.

You do not have time for idle chit chatter with these people… trust me if you let them they will talk your ear off forever. Wasting your time!!

You need to get down to the nitty gritty right away… you need to discover if this is viable candidate for your business as fast as possible.

And if they are move them to the next step…

And if they are not get rid of them fast! And I mean fast.

Shut them down and do not let them waste your time.

You are looking to speak with ONLY the serious prospects for your network marketing business!


Having Posture Pays BIG Dollars In Network Marketing

Posture is the key to this… you are in charge… ask them the questions and control the conversation… do not allow them to distract you from your mission.

This is a skill set that must be developed… and that is done through practice.

So if you are not calling your prospects now is the time… perfection takes practice so pick up the phone and get at it!  Your business is waiting!

It is not a tough skill set.. but one that will make you step outside of your comfort zone and become a little uncomfortable.

But in the end your success in this industry of network marketing is exactly ONE STEP outside of your comfort zone!

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To YOUR success!
Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach

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