Does Your Weight Determine Your Self Worth?

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Does Your Weight Determine Your Self Worth?

This is primarily written for women… however there may be men who deal with this issue as well!

One thing that is so interesting with the relationship between women and food is our connection with past foods and past weight determine self worthexperiences related to those foods.

A study conducted by the National Health Board stated that 62% of women hate their bodies.

Food-we love it, we hate it but the truth is that we need it.

It is possible to eat for pleasure and for fuel as well…

Sorting out our food issues to make food our ally, as opposed to our enemy is where the secret to healthy body image lies.

Few women are aware of the intense connection between mood and food until we have either sabotaged a great week of eating by eating the whole block of cheese or entire pie.

I have found that a really helpful way to keep your body image in check, is to keep a mood food diary.

Write down what it is that made you upset and what it is that you turned to for comfort.

Upset? Chances are you are eating something soft and chewy and carbiliscious.

Angry? Don’t be surprised if you find yourself reaching for the bag of chips.

By keeping this diary you will be able to identify the foods that trigger bad eating.

The hardest thing to conquer is to not beat yourself up when you give in and cheat. The worst thing we can do is be hard on ourselves when we indulge.

What this creates is an unhealthy  emotional pattern with food. Believe it or not but sometimes it really is mind over matter.
By surrounding yourself with supportive people, you add more positivity in your life, allowing you to reach and maintain your goals.

Our self esteem should not fluctuate as the scales do…

Our self worth should not be dictated by numbers on the scales…

your weight doesn't dictate your worth

All of the anxiety and stress that we put on ourselves also takes a toll on our weight, sometimes consuming our every thought.

I know that it’s difficult sometimes but try and keep perspective.

If you are choosing healthy food options and are keeping active then take pride that you an able bodied person!

You have to take the attention off of the numbers and back on the accomplishment of the transformation of yourself.

If the weight lost does not match the self esteem inside than you will continue to struggle with self acceptance.

That is the hardest part…looking in the mirror and seeing your true self as opposed to the imperfect self.

There is no rule book or set of guidelines to accomplish this, it is sometimes not even a daily struggle but an hourly one, but it IS the way to get better and you have to make the decision everyday to not just feel better, but BE better.

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