Discover Why You Never Get What You Really Want

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Discover Why You Never Get What You Really Want

Most people whether they are aware of it or not have locked themselves in a prison with out bars. It may not have bars, but it might as well you are stuck in a prison without barsbecause it is just as real as any man made prison.

You are STUCK!

It has you locked up solid and is effectively keeping you from living the life of freedom you dream of living.

This prison that has you chained up tight, locked into living a dreary mundane life that you can’t stand is called your “Comfort Zone”.

The comfort zones that have you stuck could vary. Your comfort zone may be the amount of money you earn, the type of career you have, the location you live, the people you associate with, etc.

The main power behind this prison your comfort zone has created is FEAR.

Deep down whether you realize it or not you are terrified of what will happen if you attempt to step outside of your comfort… if you attempt outside of your comfort zone is where the magic happensto break out of this prison you have created for yourself.

Most people reading this will not believe they are stuck… they will not believe their comfort zone has them trapped… the funny thing is those people are the MOST stuck… they are in solitary confinement…. they will have the most work to do to break free.

The irony is that your comfort zone is not even that comfortable… it is just what you are use to… you are like a trained animal who just goes about doing what it has been conditioned to do.

Your comfort zone is a prison that prevents you from growing as a person and becoming ALL that you could be.

To bust out of this prison, you must realize that the bars to your prison are your fears. You are afraid of what could happen if you actually got past them.


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Stop and think about a goal or dream you wish you could achieve but always seems to far out of your reach. Does achieving the goal require that you step outside of your comfort zone and do things you have not done before, things that you believe will make you feel uncomfortable?

Possibly it is starting your own business, changing careers, moving to a new location, getting in shape and losing weight…

As you are thinking about achieving whatever this goal is, focus on noticing that little feeling inside you… is it fear, nervousness or anxiousness that you are now experiencing?

What you just experienced is the warden of your prison springing into action attempting to keep you locked up by convincing you that you can not change, that it will be to hard to change, that you do not have what it takes to change, that it will take work to change, that your plans will not work… that you will FAIL!

Most often you won’t even consciously notice this subtle attack on your motivation to change… you are so use to it that you may not even be aware of your thoughts.

And instead you would place the blame for your lack of progress on anything BUT yourself. You will look to throw the blame elsewhere.

This is called making Excuses and is another wall in your prison you must climb over.

he that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else

There is only one way to break out of your prison… it is to man up… step up to the plate… and right away do that very thing that scares you the most. That 1 thing that is holding you back.

It could be making that phone call… lacing up those sneakers… putting your house on the market to sell… quitting that job…

Whatever that 1 thing that is holding you back, just DO IT!

Once you do it will blow your mind at how weak the bars to your prison really were… you will see that the little fear that held you back was an illusion… you will wonder why it was that you did not take this action years ago.

Don’t let another day go by, let alone 5, 10 years go by… get out of Jail now… take the action today!


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