Discover Why You Fail to Achieve Your Goals

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Discover Why You Fail to Achieve Your Goals

When it comes to achieving goals, the cold hard fact is that 99% of people fail! why people fail

Why is this?

If you could sum the reason up in 1 word it would be IMPATIENCE!

People want everything now… we live in an instant gratification world.

Take the microwave for example… we have an incredible tool that will allow you too cook a meal in under 2 minutes instead of an hour in the oven, but we still stand by it impatiently waiting for the buzzer to go off… pissed off that there is still 30 seconds to go!

The crucial stage of goal setting is the stage after you have set your goal….

You see in the first stage, the actual goal setting stage you experience excitement… you get fired up baby… you are going to accomplish this thing! You are the king!

BUT… then the work stage comes next… the stage where the rubber meets the road… the stage that is going to take time before you see any results… the stage where there will be struggle, disappointment and set backs!

This stage is hard on the head… and only the strong survive!

But if you want to live a fulfilled live you have to hang in there…

Any goof can make a few goals… it is the champions who hang in there and make their goals real…

It is the winners in life that struggle through the wilderness… fighting over the obstacles… keeping going no matter what!

So ask yourself… “Self do I want to be a goof or a champion”?

My gut is if you are reading this blog post, deep down you have a desire to be the champion… to achieve something big, to become something great.

And you have to believe you have it in you to do so… deep down we ALL do!

The following are 3 quick tips to help you control your impatience… to help you keep on keeping on even when there is no light at the end of the tunnel:

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Goal Achieving Tip # 1: Have Plenty of Motivational Reminders.

One of the dirty little tricks that life throws our way is making “Goal-Setting” easy but “Goal Achieving” hard!

Setting that goal is easy and exciting, but working towards it can be dull, boring and frustrating at times.

It is during the Goal Achieving stage that you have to overload yourself with motivational material and reminders.

=> This Blog for example, sign up for the Daily Motivator and check back daily for my posts.

=> Read Personal Development books like the books I recommend here.

=> Listen to audio programs when driving in your car… surround yourself with motivation and you will stay motivated!

Do not poo-poo this strategy… there have been times in my life where this strategy was the ONLY thing that kept me moving forward!

motivational reminders


Goal Achieving Tip #2: Be a Fly, Not a Bee.

I laughed when I first heard this strategy… what would you say if someone said which should you be more like a Fly or a Bee.

I bet 99% of people would say the BEE.

We would all thing in the insect world it would be cool to be the Bee… and shitty to be the Fly!

But nope if you want success… then you will want to be like the FLY!

Part of the problem with the Goal-Achieving stage for most people is they get stuck.

They are working towards their goal and then they find out the PLAN they are following does not work… but they are stubborn, they keep flogging the dead horse.

They keep trying to be a success by doing the same thing over and over again.

The definition of insanity is just that “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”…

So back to the Fly and the Bee…

Put a Bee in an upturned jar… what does it do? If fly’s straight at the light and will continuously buzz and fly at the bottom of the glass…

…where as if you put a fly in the same upturned glass jar, it will fly all around the jar looking for the way out… it will search every inch of that jar looking for the solution to getting out!

Be flexible… if your plan is not working… stop being stubborn and look for a new way to get the job done!

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Goal Achieving Tip #3: Accept The Struggle.

Understand that the struggle is a crucial component of your journey.

It turns you into the person you have to become to handle the success you are about to achieve. struggle key to success

We have all heard that the percentage of people who win the lottery only to lose all the money in a short amount of time is incredibly high… something like 80%!!

Want to know why this is?

It is because the people who won the MOLA did not have to struggle to get the money, they did not have to deal with all the years of working and building and growing… in order to get the money… it was given to them.

They did NOT become the person they needed to become to handle the money.

They did not LEARN the value of what it takes to make that kind of money… and they blew it!

The struggle or the journey is your training grounds… it shapes and moulds you.

You may have heard the story of the man who came across the butterfly trying to get out of its cocoon?

The butterfly was struggling and the man felt bad for it, so he helped the butterfly out and opened the cocoon for it…

The man figured the butterfly would now fly away… but it did not… because is could not fly!

You see what the man did not realize was the struggle to get out of the cocoon was EXACTLY what the butterfly needed to finish its metamorphosis from the caterpillar into the butterfly.

The struggle to get out of the cocoon would have strengthened its wings so it could fly…

Instead it was too weak and was doomed!

We humans are the exact same way… we need the struggle… only the strong who prove themselves are worthy of what success can bring!


So control your impatience… embrace the journey, there is no other way!

Anyone can become a success… it is simply a decision to do so no matter what gets in your way!

Your choice!!


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