Daily Motivator – You Must Create Your Own Opportunities

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Daily Motivator You Must Create Your Own Opportunities

Your destiny is not just going to happen. There is no magic force in the universe make-your-own-luckthat is going to serve you all you want on a silver platter.

Your destiny is a matter of the choices you make and the actions you take.

Becoming a success is not something you sit back with your feet up waiting for. The right opportunity or the perfect time is never going to arrive.

Success is something you pursue… it is a goal you set and you go after with all you got.

Opportunities are all around us all the time. But you will miss them if you are not actively looking for them.

Sometimes opportunities come in disguise; they look like failures or setbacks, but can in fact be your ticket to achieving all you have ever desired.

The key is to get into action… do not wait for your plan to be perfect, the most important step is the first step, take it and with each step you take the next step will be come clear.

If you take steps towards your dreams you will eventually live them!


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