Daily Motivator – Success is a Decision You Make

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Daily Motivator – Success is a Decision You Make

Where you have ended up in your life is a result of your decision to be exactly where you are.

Success or failure… greatness or mediocrity they are all decisions we make. success is a decision we make

By not making a decision to succeed you are still making a decision.

Once you understand you are the master of your destiny. That you can be who you want, you can have what you want, you can shape your life into what you want it to be; everything changes for you.

The most important realization anyone can make in life is to realize you and you alone are the captain of your ship. You steer the course.

Yes life will throw storms your way… but how you react to those storms, what you do will determine in which direction your life will go.

Just like in the ocean you can count on having storms, in life you can count on having set backs and frustrations. It is how you handle these storms; it is how you steer your ship that will determine where you end up!

The choice is always yours. Realize you can change it all and you have now taken the first step to doing so!


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