Daily Motivator – Not Having the Time is Not an Excuse

Daily Motivator – Not Having the Time is Not an Excuse

Not having the time is an excuse that holds no water. If you want something bad enough then you make the time.

The problem is not… Not having enough time… the problem is not having your priorities straight. do first things first

Most people don’t do the things they need to do, but spend way too much time doing the things they do not need to do.

They key to success in your life is learning how to put first things first… Make doing the important things, the required activities to better your life a requirement.

And ONLY after they are done can you allow yourself to do the extra things.

Are the things you are spending most of your time doing during the day getting you any closer to the life you desire?

If not … it is time to focus on changing what you consider a priority.

It is time to make our goals and aspirations a priority in your life.

Do not let time run you… you run time! Make it work for you!


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