Daily Inspirational Words – You Determine Your Attitude

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You Determine Your Attitude

Your attitude whether positive or negative is not determined by your circumstances but rather how you react to your circumstances. if you can't change your fate you can change your attitude

We all can either react in a negative way or a positive way to any situation we find ourselves in.

Life is full of good and bad situations; we know that troubles are going to come our way, it is a part of life so why choose to respond negatively to them?

A negative response will not help you. Where a positive response can help you tremendously.

Simply tell yourself this is one of those negative situations Robb talked about, it happens, so simply push on always striving to better yourself and your life.

When in a bad situation tell yourself over and over again that “This to Shall Pass”.

Giving into the negative feelings always makes the situation worse. Focus on the positive. Focus on the solution. Put all of your energy into the good and stay out of the bad and you will come out the other side in fine shape.

Always remember every situation we experience is an opportunity to learn and grow in some fashion!

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Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach



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