Daily Inspirational Words – Satisfaction Comes When You Appreciate What You Have

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Satisfaction Comes When You Appreciate What You Have

Riches and possessions are of little enjoyment if you are not happy. Do not look to things to make you happy. happiness is appreciating what you have

The real wealth in life is found within your heart and your head.

Happiness, joy and contentment come from appreciating what you have; while always moving forward to better yourself as a person in all the key areas.

As humans we require growth, but we must enjoy the growth process.

Success and the pursuit of happiness is a journey... Part of the secret to becoming a happy person and living a great life is learning to be happy in the present.

Do not fool yourself into thinking that the achievement of some goal will automatically make you happy for life.

True happiness lies within you, not in your possessions.

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To YOUR Happiness!
Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach



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