Cold Market Network Marketing Recruiting Strategies

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Cold Market Network Marketing Recruiting Strategies

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Have you run out of friends or family to share your network marketing business with?  Or maybe you have burned out your warm market from prospecting them with the last 15 MLM companies you are in. Cold Market Network Marketing Recruiting Strategies

If so this blog post on cold market network marketing strategies might help you out.


Should You Learn Cold Market Strategies

There are tons of companies in the network marketing industry that are dead against cold market network marketing recruiting strategies.

They want you to focus only on the warm market.  They want you to only go to friends and families.

At this point in my career I would tell you to leave those type of companies quickly because your growth is going to slow and come to a complete stop.

I was with one of those organizations and I had a painful experience as result after I tapped my warm market.

You see I actually had great success in my warm market.  I prospected EVERYONE and recruited a ton of people into my downline….  however eventually I ran out of people to talk to.

When this happened I went to the top leadership in my organization and asked them what cold market network marketing recruiting strategies I should focus on.

The answer these very well know MLM Leaders gave me stunned me… they told me none, and that there was no way I had spoken to everyone I knew!

WOW!  I was confused, pissed off, and became very frustrated… what were they talking about?  I had spoken to everyone in my warm market  (more then once) and had done so in big fashion and now I was in need of help in  continuing to build my business…  And they were not there to help.

So long story short…  where they were not there to help me…  I am going to be here to help you and share with you what I had to learn on my own through trial and error and lots of money spent on mlm recruiting courses and books, etc.


Starting With Your Warm Market Is Crucial

Before I get into some cold market network recruiting strategies I MUST stress that importance of starting your business by focusing exclusively on your market.

This is crucial gang…

Your warm market is the key to long term growth.

I don’t care if you don’t even recruit one person from your warm market, it is crucial that you at least learn how to use this strategy and do it!


Because a lot of people who you recruit will never want to go to the cold market, it can be intimidating, so you want to be able to show them how to build in their warm.

Plus it is the easiest recruiting strategy… and easy means duplication.  Which means growth for you and your downline.

And lastly think about it…  you recruit someone into your business…  they have a warm market of 200 people…  that is 200 new prospects for your business…  you recruit 10 people… each with 200 people in their warm market, that is 2000 new prospects in your business…

…everyone you have join your business will have a warm market, and virtually everyone of them will recruit some people from it if you show them how…  WHY in the world would you pass up that many prospects?

It makes no sense…

Plus cold market network marketing recruiting strategies are not as simple as warm market strategies and it will take people longer to learn how to do it correctly so it will slow your business down…

So…  start with the warm market… and ONLY when someone has truly ran out of warm market prospects move them into cold market strategies…

Ok rant over… onto some the goods!


Network Marketing Recruiting Strategies for People Who Don’t Know You

Here are a few simple cold market strategies you can implement very easily…


#1) Your email list.  Pretty much all of us have an email list in our email address book.

Do NOT spam them!

The key here is to get them to show some interest in learning about what you have to offer.

Email them individually a short message.  Say something to grab their attention and get them to ask you for details, do so without giving away the suspense or details.

I always like to use the line I learned from Ray Higdon.

“Would you be at all open to a side project if it didn’t interfere with what you are doing”

Might want to add a bit more to it, like “Reply back to me if you want to learn how to make some extra money, and you can relax we show you exactly how to do it.”

That is it, then get the people who reply back to you on the phone and point them to a 3rd party recruiting tool like a website or DVD presentation, etc.


#2) Living your life prospecting.  Just like the song from Sesame Street.  “Who are the people in your neighborhood, the people that you meet each day”!  LOL

But seriously you need to be engaged in active prospecting.  You need to have your Spider Senses on…  stay alert for sharp people that you meet.

…could be your hair dresser, your banker, a parent at your kids sporting event, etc…

Do not hammer them with your business…  have a nice conversation and them simply throw out my trusty recruiting line…

“Listen great talking to you…  and I am just curious and this might not be for you…  but was curious if you would be at all open to a side project if it didn’t interfere with what you are doing”?

Now the key here is to be BUSY… when they respond DO NOT present them with your network marketing business…  say something like we have to run.. or I have to jump on a conference call…  but give me your contact information and I will touch base in a day or so and get you some details.

That’s it… easy, it works and then in a day or two contact them and send them to a 3rd party tool.


#3) Facebook recruiting.  This one is a great strategy and an easy one to get your downline engaged in…

Create a profile that is upbeat, positive and fun.  Make yourself look like a great person to be around.  Do NOT put anything relating to your business on it.

Add friends who are the type of people you would want in your business…  find them in groups, or add friends of friends.

Then simply start developing relationships…  start a conversation with them, ask them about themselves, what they do, how long, etc.

Post upbeat positive things on your profile.

Like their comments, add value to their comments.  Have a good sense of humor… Be LIKEABLE!

Then over time simply do what you did with the email list strategy.

Contact them, do not spam them and simply tell them it has been nice getting to know them…  and you are just touching base as you are curious if they would be open to a side project that did not interfere with what they are presently doing…  not sure if it is a fit for you, but if you are at all interested I can send you some details.”

Most will say yes…

The trick here is to get their phone number…  as you need to get them off of Facebook and onto the phone.

Send them the information, provide them with your phone number and say they can contact you anytime with questions… AND by the way what is YOUR phone number as I like to know who is calling me.

EASY and it works!


#4) Buying MLM Leads.  Yes cold calling leads works.  Many people have created very large Network Marketing businesses just calling leads.

It can be frustrating and expensive if done wrong, but it works if done right.

You do have to go through a ton of people to get any yes’s!

So the key is to go through them fast.  Do not try and recruit everyone, your goal is not to change someone into the right type of prospect, your goal is to locate the right type of prospect…  sort through them quickly looking for the Diamond in the Rough!

Do so with a qualifying question..  there are lots out there… but a goody is a take away…  say something like “we are busy contacting people who have requested we reach out to them, so very quickly if you could explain to me why you feel we should work with you”?

Wham right in the face and totally different then everyone else prospecting them…  they have to sell YOU on THEM!  Powerful!



If you found these Cold Market Network Marketing Recruiting Strategies helpful, feel free to share them with your team and do me a favor and let me know in the comments section below!

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