Chill People… Robb is Back!

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Relax People… I Told Ya The Robb Would Be Back! 

I love you guys and I truly appreciate the emails, facebook msgs, tweets, etc asking if I am ok and asking where I Robb Corbett is backhave been, when are the Traveling with Robb videos and Blog training’s coming back!

I appreciate you guys, you rock!

Everyone can chill… All is good with Robb… and I AM BACK!

I am sure some of you are thinking that is awesome… but others are thinking ya ya ya… but why did you leave in the first place, so not cool and not professional….

I get that and I deserve that… here is my explanation, and with all due respect you can take it or leave it!

So as you will recall way back in May we had a great family trip to Florida, it rocked, beach front on the gulf of Mexico for close to 2 weeks… awesome…. BUT we then had a tragedy strike our family and we lost my father in law Ted. He was a great man, you can actually read my tribute to him here.

It was my last blog post since this one.

(continued below)


The loss of Ted actually hit me harder then I thought it would… and it got me thinking about the shortness of life… and what is important… and the importance of pursuing what is your passion and not doing what others pressure you to do…. or make you feel like you need to be doing.


Follow YOUR passion and no one elses!

I learned this lesson years ago, but for some reason I got off track recently. Follow YOUR passions

My passion is internet marketing and lead generation, and it has been since about 2007. I love Network Marketing but my passion is generating leads mostly online and then showing other home based builders how to do the same thing… I love it!

I love it because I know how great a freaking painful need it is for home based builders…

…if you read my About Robb page you will see that I had massive success but then hit a road block because I had built my business on the warm market and then NO ONE would show me how to recruit and generate leads in the cold market…

…and as a result my business tanked and I lost a shit load of money!!

…so I dedicated a huge part of my adult life and my money to figuring it out and then sharing what I found with others!


Lost My MoJo…

I have no freaking idea what happened in the last 6-8 months or how it happened… but I lost my focus… I lost my MOJO…. for about 6-find your network marketing mojo8 months leading up to my trip to Florida in May I had gotten sucked into activities that were cutting into and taking away from the time I had for building this business

Activities that were frustrating me and draining my energy… activities that I despise… activities that are NOT me… and worst of all activities that took me away from focusing on my passion… which was so so not cool and really messed with my head!

So since our Florida Trip and the passing of my father in law Ted… I have stepped away from all business building…. took a break… and have been analyzing what is important to me… what direction do I want to take my business.

Where can I help people the most!!


(continued below)

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Because most people who call themselves or set themselves up as Goroos are really not and are for the most part all about themselves.


Beware Peeps with Alternative Agendas… 

beware the network marketing wolf

beware the network marketing wolfs

Beware of the wolf in sheep’s clothing!!

You see most guru’s in this business are marketing with the main goal of recruiting new distributors into their network marketing business.

They are trying their damnedest to come across as this helpful person who has YOUR best interest in mind… a person who is going to help you become a success in your home based business…. BUT here is the truth about the “Freaking Fat Ass Elephant” in the room that no one talks about…

…pretty much everyone of those supposed Gooroo’s… main agenda is to steal you away from your present home based business company.

Trust me I was one of them… I felt I had to be… I felt that if you are doing internet, attraction marketing and lead generation that you can not teach the stuff without building a downline yourself.

But not just build a downline… have your main focus as trying to funnel people through your training’s into your business.

I have always hated that…. I want to help people be a success in the business they are building, in the business they love. I do not want to be 2 faced and try and sway people away from what they are doing… I want to help them become a raging success in what they are doing!


I do still build a downline… but!

Yes I am still always going to build a downline of my own cause I do love that… but my main passion and my 100% focus moving forward is ONLY going to be to help people become a raging success in their home based business….

…by teaching them exactly how I was able to create a $20,000.00 per month business from only my warm market, as well as showing them the lead generation strategies that I use online to generate a shit pile of leads!

So my apologizes to my peeps that missed me… but all is good and the focus I have been able to zero in on recently is only going to be a freaking ultra positive deal for you!

Stay tuned for more…and if you have any questions gang reach out to me I am back on and ready to help those who are as lazer focused as I am and ready to do crazy big things!

And by all means do not get me wrong the last two months of doing nothing but ripping it up and enjoying the summer sun has been awesome… BUT I miss you dudes and I am pumped to get back in and do what I do best!

You check out the About Robb page to see my story and why I am the guy to help you:
=>About Robb Read Here

To YOUR Freaking Success
Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach

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