Chill Out Gradually then Suddenly is How Network Marketing Success Happens

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The reason why people fail in their network marketing business is because they are impatient, they want everything now!

People go to school for 10 plus years to be a doctor before they make good money, but people think when it comes to network marketing success it should happen over night. network Marketing success is gradual

Like anything worthwhile in life that is not how network marketing success stories are created!

We all love to look at the success stories…  the media loves to flaunt them…  blogs love to write about them… magazines love to feature them…


There is NO Over Night Success…

We love to focus on the illusion of the “Over Night Success Story”!

But there is no such thing, especially in a network marketing business!

What you see when you see a successful home based business person is an individual who gradually become a success…

=> An individual who gradually got the confidence to recruit…

=> An individual who gradually learned how to build a team…

=> An individual who gradually started to have an organization growing beneath them…

Until SUDDENLY his/her business took off!
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There is No Magic!

This is how business in general works…

Success comes very quickly… After we have put in the time…

After we have written countless blog posts, called countless prospects, met countless new people on facebook, twitter or offline…

All of these things we do on a gradual (consistent) basis… until suddenly out of nowhere our business takes off…

Whether it is:

=> the stars aligning for you…

=> or the universe saying ok this person is serious…

=> or  all of the little efforts have finally compounded into enough activity that the barriers holding your business back break down!

Whatever it is, it WILL just take off for you!


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Self Discipline Yourself…

Too many people quit their network marketing business because gradual is SLOW…

Gradual appears boring…

Gradual success can be frustrating…

But little did they know how close they were to breaking through and become a sudden overnight success if they had of just continued to keep on doing the daily consistent activities!

Blogging is a great example of this…  you put blog posts out daily and it can be very hard on the head…  but eventually you start to see a trickle of readers… a trickle of subscribers and then BAM an explosion!

Click Here to Check out this Great article by Seth Godin on this Topic!



Your network marketing success is the same!

Focus on the daily activities and nothing else… and before long it will be you up on the stage… it will be you in the Network Marketing success magazines, blogs and videos!

Gradual success is worth it gang!  Hang in there, if you do it will happen for you, it always does!


Video: Gradual Success Causes Sudden MLM Success:

So What’cha Think?  Where are you in your business… has it taken off? Are you still in the gradual success stage? Let us know where you are and what you think of this post in the comments below!

Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach

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  1. Always bringing the heat! Thanks Robb!

  2. I love that gradual then suddenly… what an awesome post today Robb… you always rock it… thanks for sharing all the value..

  3. Gradual is definetely how this business works. Some people ‘appear’ to have overnight success in a company but most people don’t see the real story of them failing in 4 other companies first or that they had previous success and just transferred that success to their new company.

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