Change Your Thinking Change Your Life

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Change Your Thinking Change Your Life

Want to know why you have given up on your dreams, goals and aspirations? Why you never move forward on your good ideas? How to change your life

It is because you have listened to that silly little voice in your head that tells you that you can’t do it, that your idea is silly, that you do not have the time, that you are not capable of succeeding.

That little voice in your head that causes you to doubt yourself and quit before you even get started.

That little voice is the number 1 culprit for having stolen more dreams and destroying more bright futures then any other.

Just like the over protective Mommy who loses her mind and starts worrying when little Johnny or Suzy are running around with a stick in their hand…

…your inner voice starts freaking out and worrying over any new idea/challenge you are considering… it makes you think of all the bad things that can happen. It causes you to doubt your belief in yourself. little voice mastery

There is a GREAT book out there on this subject… called “Little Voice Mastery”.

A MUST read if you want to over come this problem.

You can check it out here => Little Voice Mastery

Now don’t get me wrong, there are times when listening to your “gut instinct” is beneficial… but NOT very often. In fact most times what you might think is your gut reaction is actually your FEAR kicking in.

Fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of what others think of you, etc etc.

And instead of facing up to it and calling it what it is (FEAR), we feel better about ourselves by saying “my gut” told me not to do it… we then justify the reason for not taking the risk or going after the goal.

Your inner voice/critic will always be there, but you need to learn how to squash it to the point that you no longer pay any attention to it.

The following are 3 tips to help you squash your inner critic and start moving forward towards achieving your goals and dreams.


Inner Critic Squashing Tip #1: Do the opposite of what you hear. stop when you are done not tired

When you are on the treadmill and your inner critic tells you that you have run for 5 minutes and that is enough… force yourself to go another 10 minutes. Learn to pay no attention to the little voice.

When your inner critic says you will not be successful in that business venture and you should not start it… start it right away.

Do the opposite of what the voice is telling you and in no time you will pay no attention to the voice and it will in fact start to fade away.

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Inner Critic Squashing Tip #2: Hang out with success minded people.

You will become just like the average of the 5 people you hang out with.

Dump the loser friends… the negative friends, the dream stealers. The people who have no desire to do anything special with their life and even worse the ones that try and hold you back. The people who tell you it is not possible.

Instead hang out with movers and shakers, people who are grabbing life by the horns and going places. Get around successful people.

You want to have friends who will motivate and encourage you, not tear you down and hold you back.


Inner Critic Squashing Tip #3: Overload your mind on Personal Development.

The fastest way to motivate yourself and inspire yourself is to CONSTANTLY engage in self improvement and personal development. motivation does not last forever zig ziglar

Motivation will not last… it is something you have to consciously pursue. Just like bathing, it is something that needs to be done daily!

Read blogs like this daily. In fact you should be signed up to our updates and our Daily Motivator. (right hand side of blog)

Listen to motivation CD’s and MP3’s when you are driving in your car. Success coaches like Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn, Anthony Robbins, etc.

What you think about expands… what you focus on will happen in your life.

Focus on fear and doubt and you will not succeed… but focus on motivation, success, victory, winning and before long great things will happen in your life.

By making the choice to challenge your little inner critic and focus your thinking on positive thoughts will have a significant impact on all areas of your life. It is a simply decision to do and by applying these 3 tips you will be well on your way to becoming who you want to be!


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