Change Your Life with These 6 Easy Strategies

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Change Your Life with These 6 Easy Strategies

Have you ever felt that you can’t stand yourself?

Possibly because you did not follow through on a promise or commitment you made to yourself or someone else. Or it could be because youchange-your-life feel like you can not accomplish anything and are good for nothing?

=> Have you ever felt worried or scared?

Are you worried to go to work because you have to report your crappy sales figures or deal with a demanding boss, or a colleague you can’t stand. Are you worried about being way behind on your work?

=> Have you ever wished for more?

Have you wished you could be in better shape? Have you wished you could make more money, have the home of your dreams and travel whenever you want?

=> Have you ever gotten to the point where you can’t stand people?

Resenting the “lucky” people who have it all. The people who appear to have an easy life, having everything you want… the right type of career, the beautiful home, the perfect kids? The people who always have loads of money, have all the latest stuff and travel all the time?

=> Have you ever woken up feeling scared?

Possibly of becoming sick or growing old or even having a relationship fall apart? Maybe you are worried about how to pay your bills, is your mortgage due and credit cards piling up and you don’t know how to handle them?

=> Do you feel that whole world is against you?

Does it feel like no matter how much effort or time you put into bettering your life that you are no further ahead then you were 10 years ago? That nobody cares about you and that life is out to get you?


If any or all of these sound like you…

…the good news is you are not alone. Everyone has these sorts of feelings from time to time. Everyone has had to deal with overcoming these negative thought patterns.

In order to live a fulfilled and happy life you have to man up… you have to take control… you have to stop being a weakling and letting these negative thoughts control you.

You have to stop allowing yourself to think you are a Victim.

Yes you will continue to experience these sorts of thoughts from time to time, but successful people have learned how to ignore them… to suppress them so that they do not stop them from living the life they wish to live.

stop being a victim


6 Strategies for Living a Fulfilled & Happy Life

The following are a 6 simple to implement strategies you can start to use right away to help rid yourself of these self defeating thoughts…

They are not hard strategies to implement… but they will take work and effort on your part!


Happy Life Strategy #1) Train yourself to stop worrying about things you have no control over.


Force yourself to acknowledge those things that you can not change and to forget about them. Instead focus that time on things you can change. Work on those!


Happy Life Strategy #2) Turn off the negative news.

Stop reading the newspapers. BAD news sells. The news organizations are in the business of selling news… they know that people want to read the bad things of life… like people driving by an accident scene, everyone wants to slow down and see what happened.

This negative news tears you down and depresses you. The media are in the entertainment business to them entertainment is “gloom and doom…

Instead spend your time reading positive stuff… self improvement information, like this Blog. Information that will lift you up and help you grow as a person, bringing you closer to your goals.


Happy Life Strategy #3) Get rid of your loser friends… surround-yourself-with-successful-friends


Lose the people who are negative nancy’s… who always bring you down and are going nowhere. Dump them!

Get yourself new friends. People who are going where you want to go. People who are movers and shakers. You will become like the people you spend your time with.


Happy Life Strategy #4) Throw some compliments around.

If you like what someone has done, is wearing or the car they are driving, let them know.

By making other people feel good you will also feel good. What you put out into the universe always comes back to you many times over.


Happy Life Strategy #5) Find what your passion is and pursue it.

Work towards your passion. Make it a part of your life. Life is about being passionate moving forward. Don’t let yourself be stuck.

Progress is the key to a happy life.


Happy Life Strategy #6) Learn to relax.

Slow DOWN… Step away from the hustle and bustle of life from time to time. Take 2 days a week to do fun and relaxing things. Take 2 days away from anything work related. Turn it off and unplug.

And take vacations… recharge your batteries… and do FUN things!



Final Thoughts: Always Remember YOU and only you are in control of your thoughts and your life.

Guard yourself… be careful about what you let in. Get focused on building the life you desire. Do not be complacent, make efforts to move forward, strive to do so and before long you will be in charge of your life and it will be headed exactly where you want it to be.

Happiness in life is found in being YOU!


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Until Next Time
Make Things Happen!!
Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach



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