Can Only The Gurus Do Attraction Marketing?

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One of the challenges people face when they are considering using the internet and attraction marketing to build Attraction Marketingtheir network marketing business is their concern that they are not qualified to provide training’s on how to build a network marketing business.

I have a very good friend and successful network marketer who thinks this way… we have discussions on it from time to time and we definitely do not agree on this topic.

For him he does not think someone who has not built a business should be training others how to do it.

For me I disagree… I believe anyone can provide value to people and that is the basis of what attraction marketing is.


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Even people starting out can do it…

I believe even if you are just starting out that you can still most definitely do attraction marketing.

What you do is first off NEVER claim to be something you are not. If you have not had massive success do not claim that you have. Simple!

So instead what you do is engage in “Research & Report”!


Become a reporter…

You research your topic for your blog post and then you report on it.

Just like a local television reporter does…

….they are not an expert in the field they are going to report on for tomorrows news…

…but by the time they do their presentation they have researched it enough that they have a great handle on the topic.

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Same goes for you with Attraction Marketing.

Read a chapter in a network marketing book… Then write a blog post or do a video on what you learned.

Read a blog post like this and write a post or do a video on what you learned…

Watch a training video like the ones on my youtube channel… do a video or write a blog post on what you learned…

Do not claim the information as your own, just simply explain what you learned from it and put your own spin, personality and flavor to it!


Attraction Marketing takes time for everyone…

Over time you will become very knowledgeable and it will be easy to write posts like this.

Then as you start to have successes in your own business write about them…
…explain how you recruited 4 people last month… explain how your downline grew by 10, 50, 100 people.

Be you and simply share value based information…

People will be attracted to it…

…if you are providing great info they do not care where it originated from… and they will love you for sharing it.

Eventually you will become seen as the person to go to for information that is going to help people achieve their goals.

That is ALL attraction marketing is gang and you can most definitely do it!


Your Turn So What’Cha think? Can anyone do attraction marketing or is it just for the Goo’Roos?

Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach

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  1. Robb, I love the Research and Report – you have simplified blogging subject matter!

  2. Thanks for this Robb… I’m glad we share the same belief, that everyone has something to offer…. Just because you haven’t accomplished everything yet doesn’t mean you can’t teach what you learn… isn’t that what education is all about…

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