Being a truthful person is important to me

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Being a truthful person is important to me.

When I experience difficult situations during my dealing with other people, I take some time to think about how I should deal with the situation. Typically, I make the decision that I will tell someone about the issues I find troubling. And when I explain how I am personal reflections on mountainfeeling, I am honest about them.

I am honest not only because it is the best way to be, but also because the other people in this situation deserve to know the truth.

I determine to carefully and diplomatically share the whole truth. When I feel concerned with the issues I am dealing with, I share that I am wrestling with it.

My own personal opinion of myself is also an crucial component of dealing with this internally. I feel good about myself as a person when I am truthful with other people and I wish to continue having this upbeat feeling or myself. In order to do that, I strive to be genuine and truthful, even though it could be difficult. In essence, how I handle myself when it comes to telling the truth matters to me.

Starting this moment, I will make the decision to pay special attention to my interactions with other people and especially pay close attention to how honest and open I am with them. I want to make sure that in my every day interactions, I am truthful with the people around me.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Am I am honest person?
2. In what sorts of situations do I find it hard to be open & truthful with other people?
3. How do I for the most part react in situations where I have no desire to be honest?

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