3 Steps to Stop Worrying and Live Happy

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Be Happy! Why Worry?

I have found that one of the major blocks that people face towards trying to live a happy and fulfilled life is their tendency to worry. Worry about their health, worry about their finances, worry about their job, worry about their kids. When because i'm happyour minds are focused on what could go wrong instead of what could go right, it is near impossible to live a happy lifestyle.

Worrying is very dangerous for a number of reasons…

It is in fact a silent killer, very much like a slow acting poison, killing you slowly from the inside out. There is no question worrying is an illness and one that can me may times worse than a physical illness and in fact is the route cause of physical illnesses for many people. The dangerous thing with worry is that it not only affects our minds, but it affects our bodies also..

If you can stop worrying for a second and actually take the time to think about it, you will realize that worrying is futile and there is absolutely no point to it at all. learn to let things you cannot control go

Why would you worry about the past? You can’t change it, it is over, and whatever has happened has happened.

Why worry about the future? Who says it is going to be so bad for you? Nothing is written in stone yet. You can change the course of your future at any time you so desire. Happiness is a choice.

Spending time worrying exhausts you, it destroys your ability to think clearly and to plan your future…It develops within you a negative way of thinking.

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Instead of worrying you should spend that same time engaged in personal development and self help activities such as: Personal-Development-Sis spiritual emotional social physical mental

=> reading blogs like this,

=> reading self help and inspirational books,

=> listening to self help audios,

=> meditating

=> exercising,

=> reading and memorizing affirmations and repeating them to yourself… etc

Think about it, if worrying could actually solve problems, we would recommend it. Everyone would be doing it, books would be written on how to worry your way to success. However the opposite is the truth. Solving your problems requires you to be clam and have a clear and focused mind. Worrying clouds our mind and does not allow us to think clearly. It prevents us from being happy. It is impossible for happiness and worrying to dwell in the same space.

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The fact is that things will happen whether or not you are worrying or not, it is going to rain regardless of your mindset, so you might as well focus on being happy instead!

The problem is we spend time worrying on things that really will not effect us that bad, if at all…

We worry we ticked off our boss… we spend all night worrying about being fired… is that so bad? Maybe it happens maybe it does not… what if it does? Is that the end of you? Are you no longer alive? Can you not find another job? Possibly even a better job a job you will prefer! The funny thing is you spent all this time worrying about this and you go to work the next day, your boss calls you in and apologizes… she mad the mistake not you!

Now having said all of this, saying don’t worry is a heck of a lot easier then actually not worrying. Saying he happy is a heck of a lot easier then being happy.

Achieving a worry free and happy life is a goal! And like any goal it takes effort on your part. It is very possible for you to achieve a worry free life, but you will have to make the conscious decision that you are going to change how you are presently.

Like any goal it takes 3 steps to achieve it’s success…. believe action result belief

#1… make the decision you will no longer worry. You will become a happy worry free person.

#2… put a plan in place to make this goal a reality. Get into personal development and self improvement. Take time each and every day to read uplifting and self help material. Turn off the NEGATIVE news… instead listen to self help material. Put positive material into your mind and there will be no room for the negative stuff that causes us to worry.

#3… daily dedication to your plan. Stick to your plan, work your plan, make a commitment to doing it.

Living a worry free and happy life is in the end YOUR decision! The choice is yours!


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Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach



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