Attraction Marketing: You MUST Turn Strangers into Friends

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Attraction Marketing: You MUST Turn Strangers into Friends

I believe one of the problems with Attraction Marketing or using the Internet to build your network marketing business is that most turn to the Internet in hopes that it will be a push button, never have to talk to people again magic tool to instantly build them an online Empire!

Nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to building a Network Marketing business online.

Recruiting people into your Network Marketing business is all about these people, knowing you, liking you and trusting you. attraction Marketing turn strangers into friends

Or in other words people who are in your Warm Market!

If when you come into Network Marketing and you diligently work your warm market as you should…  you will eventually need to EXPAND your warm market… meet knew people…

This is how a professional approaches the Cold Market!

Meet knew people and turn them into your Warm Market!

It makes no difference what Cold Market methods you are using for recruiting, if you want to build a long term successful residual income cranking machine in network marketing, you need to develop relationships with people…. PERIOD!

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The Internet or Attraction Marketing is simply another tool you can use to do just that…

Justice Eagan (MLM Rock Star)… did a blog post on the MLSP blog today, it is worth the read: – MLSP Blog Post Attraction Marketing

I highly recommend MLSP if you want to learn how to use the internet to build your business, it is by far the best resource for Network Marketers out there for Attraction Marketing…

The following is a link you can learn more about MLSP… I will warn you the emails they send are a bit Hippy/Sales… but they are suppose to be and that is OK especially since I just told you up front!  Smile

Here is the link to check out the MLSP System!

(if you have any questions about how MLSP works, get in touch with me I AM here to help!!)

So in the link I just gave you to the MLSP blog, Justice Eagan gives you 3 tips to turn internet cold market into warm market…


So lets take a quick look at them and I will give you my thoughts also…

Attraction Marketing Tip #1: Be Yourself…

No question… this is crucial!  It is called Attraction Marketing because people who are similar to you are going to be attracted to you.

Meaning they will be able to relate to you… and feel comfortable talking to you.

Do not try to be someone else… it will not work… plus it is exhausting and people will see right through it.

My good friend Diane Hochman, once told me to “Stop trying and to Just Be”…

Meaning stop over thinking what you post… stop over thinking what you say… stop over analyzing… Just Be YOU!

Write posts in your own way of speaking…  do not try to write with someone else’s voice.

Just Be You… people will be attracted to that and it will be much easier for you to build a true relationship.


Attraction Marketing Tip #2: Reply & Respond…

Again this is all about relationships…

People need to get to “Know, Like & Trust” you…

So talk to them… help them… provide value to them…

Albert Einstein said it best years ago and because of what he said I know he would have made a hell of an attraction Marketer!!  Smile

He said… “Try not to be a person of success, but try rather to become a person of value”!!

If somebody likes your comment reach out to them… if somebody comments on your post respond to them… if somebody messages you for advice reply to them..

People want to know you are real and not just a marketing machine…  they are hurting out there and they are lost and need help… be that person who offers guidance and help them and they will come to know you for the GREAT Person you really are!



Attraction Marketing Tip #3: Keep Their Best Interest in Mind…

Justice finished up by making this point in his blog post… function with their best interest in mind…

People do not want to be looked at as just another sale for you…

If all you you see is dollar signs when you meet a new person they will read right through you… you need to change your mindset… you are there to help them!

Do not spam people… do not send them links to your business until they ask… do not try to simply make a sale…

Help them… go to them where they are… what do they need…  what is their problem they are having?

Be “The Solution” to their problem.


In the end guys keep the golden rule in mind… “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” and you will be just fine…

Put yourself in their shoes… if you needed help how would you want to be treated… would you want to be spammed or would you want to be provided with solutions and advice?

Attraction marketing whether online or off is simply meeting and developing relationships with new people, while providing value (help)… so do not over complicate it…  and just get out there and Be You!


Sooo… what do you think?  Comment below and let me know you are ALIVE and also your thoughts on Attraction Marketing?!?!

(Here is the Video version of this training for you movie buffs!)

Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach

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