Attraction Marketing: How to Do It Right

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Ah yes… Attraction Marketing…

What could be better then having prospects chase you instead of you chasing them! Attraction marketing how to do it right

The dream of every network marketing professional!

So is it possible and what exactly is attraction marketing?

Great question…

Here is my take on it… what it is and what I recommend that you should be doing.


First What is Attraction Marketing?

Look at it this way…. there are two methods of prospecting:


1) You go after people.

You find them… you develop a relationship with them… and you ask them to look at your business.

You are actively prospecting! You are a hunter!

And this is great… and you should definitely implement this strategy into the culture of your organization.

no question that when someone starts in network marketing they should share their product and opportunity with the people that they know…

…and the people that they meet moving forward!


2) Prospects come to you!

You position yourself in the market place as a person of knowledge… a person who provides incredible value to people… and a person who can be liked and trusted!

By doing this over time people gain confidence in you AND as a result they purchase products and services you recommend…

… and a portion of them will actually want to work directly with you in your network marketing business!

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So Should You Be Doing Attraction Marketing?!?

The short answer is Yes you should!

The longer answer is BUT…

But.. not by itself starting out!

But… not as the main focus of your business starting out!

If your goal is to build a downline in a network marketing company then you need to be spending starting out at lest 70 – 75% of your time actively prospecting!

… which leaves about 25- 30% of your time to focus on attraction marketing strategies!


Robb What Attraction Marketing Strategies do You Recommend?

Another great question!

First you can pick up my FREE course 25 ways to get leads and I provide even more attraction marketing strategies along with active marketing strategies.

Here are 3 attraction marketing strategies that I recommend:


Attraction Marketing Strategy #1) Video marketing is the way of the future!

Put short 2 –3 minutes videos out into the universe. (Facebook, youtube, etc).

People love videos and they allow your prospects to get to know you better then any other medium online!

Check out the video below to see how simple this idea is!

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Attraction Marketing Strategy #2) Your facebook profile.

Use your personal profile starting out verses a business profile as Facebook does not allow many people to see your business profile until you have a ton of followers.

Simply go out and either make friends with people in your target market… or follow them and like and comment on things they post… eventually they will follow and friend you back!

Then simply provide value, entertainment, personal lifestyle stuff on your profile on a regular basis.

Do not sell! Remember attraction marketing is about providing value!


Attraction Marketing Strategy #3) Start a blog!

Start a blog like this one…

Focus on putting out 2 – 7 posts per week.

This strategy takes time, but it becomes your own personal space on the internet and once it gets rolling it is a gold mine!


Here are a few more resources to help you get your own attraction marketing system up and running:

==> Can Only the Gurus Do Attraction Marketing?

==> 3 tips to Generate Leads Using Attraction Marketing

==> 2 Simple Strategies to Get You Started with Attraction Marketing


Check out this short video for more tips on these Attraction Marketing Strategies:


P.s. Remember comment below and let me know if you got value from this!  Thanks you Rock!

Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach

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FREE Report: How to Sponsor 7 - 12 New Reps Every Month!
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  1. When you start using attraction marketing in your business it makes growing one so much easier but it does take time and that is where most people don’t get it. They want it all to happen over night or in a short period of time. You have to put in the work to build up that authority in your market place.

    You gave some really great examples on how to build authority and start using attraction marketing with video and social media.

    Thanks Robb for putting this training together!

  2. Great post Robb, Attraction marketing is definitely the way to go. Thanks for sharing

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