Attraction Marketing: Why You Should Blog

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Some of you know what I mean when I say Attraction marketing and how it relates to Network Marketing… attraction marketing blogging

…but others of you may have no clue and when you saw the title maybe even had concerns that I was was jumping ship on Network Marketing and venturing into the online world of dating site!

Although I hear it pays great… have no fear I am not bailing on you.


So What is Attraction Marketing?

The best way I have been able to describe attraction marketing is that it is a form of passive marketing that you engage in designed to attract to you (for the purposes of business/recruiting) your target market.

See most Network Marketers engage in active prospecting which is like being the hunter…

…when you pick up the phone and call prospects you are hunting for them,

…when you go on facebook looking to meet the right type of prospect you are actively searching for them… hunting them,

…when you attend your local chamber of commerce meeting looking to meet prospects you are basically on the prowl looking (hunting) for the perfect prospect for your business…


Attraction Marketing Changes the Game…

With Attraction Marketing… it is more like you are going fishing…  you put a nice shinny attractive lure on your fishing line and you cast it out into the water and let it Attract the fish to you…  you lure them to come to you!

The goal with attraction marketing is to get HORDES of little fishing lures cast out all over they place…

Video’s, Photo’s, Podcasts, Tweets, Facebook Posts, Social Media Book Marks, Articles, as well as Blog Posts, etc, etc…

Then what happens is as you remain consistent… always putting out quality content designed to provide value to your target market…

…they come to see you as an expert… as a person they can trust and as a person who can help them achieve their goals.


In Network Marketing this can create two huge benefits for you:

Attraction Marketing Benefit #1) Allows you to earn upfront profits by selling your target marketing information and tools that will help them reach their goals…

…which results in you earning an additional income on top of your Network Marketing business…

Which is Very Cool… yes?!?

But on top of being just very cool… it is also very helpful to you and your goal of building a network marketing downline…


GREAT Question…

Because now You can then take this additional income and use it for more advertising and marketing, allowing you to grow your Network Marketing business even faster.

This was originally called a Funded Proposal, although you do not hear that term used as much anymore the concept remains the same.


Attraction Marketing Benefit #2) As your target market comes to know like and trust you and sees you as the expert and someone who can HELP Them…

…a percentage of them will make the determination or come to the realization that their best chance of success in Network Marketing is to join with you in your Network Marketing business!

So you sign them on up into your business!


Attraction Marketing Warning…

No question it is a great strategy for some people… but be warned… it is NOT an overnight strategy…

… it is a long term strategy, and one that takes time.. you can not depend on it to be your main focus for recruiting for at least 1-2 years!

…so if you want success in Network Marketing it is crucial that you continue to spend the majority of your time in the recruiting activities that are more “Hunter” focused.

Actively looking for prospects, sharing your opportunity with at least 2 people a day!

Make Attraction Marketing part of your daily routine, but only a small part…

I recommend no more then 25% of your time be spent on attraction marketing when you are starting out.


So Where Do You Start…

One of the best attraction marketing strategies and my advice for people starting out is that they get into blogging…

Commit to making one blog post a day, every single day.

Develop the self discipline and habit of creating and posting 1 – 2 pieces of value focused content on your blog every day.

Blogging is a great place to start and really is not that difficult.  And overtime it does a great job of setting you up as the expert!


Where Do I Get My Material…

The question I get asked a lot is “Sounds good Robb…but where do I come up with the content to put on my blog.”

Trust me it is not that difficult… there is no real attraction marketing secret when it comes to creating content…

When you start out you use what I call the “Research & Report” method…

You become a reporter…  yup just like the guy at your local newspaper or TV news channel, who has no clue about his topic UNTIL he researches it and then reports on it.

So you start your day researching your topic you are going to write on that day…

You read a blog post like this… you watch a video on youtube… you read a chapter of a personal development book…

…and then you simply write about what you just learned!

It is simple guys… but the hardest part is to just get started… so take the step and get moving.


Meet Network Marketing’s Blogging Machine…

Now as you progress I highly recommend you start learning from Network Marketing’s Very Own Attraction Marketing Blogging Machine Mr. Ray Higdon. Ray higdon attraction marketing

This guy is a blogging beast…

He has done it up right man!

And the thing to keep in mind is he started just like we all do… from being a non-blogger!

He got started by just starting… one step at a time.

Anyhow his material is awesome.

He has courses for the beginner bloggers as well as the more advanced blogger.

I am actually a member of his Private Blogging Association.

This is for people who have some previous experience blogging…

sooo if you are just starting out I would recommend that you check out his courses first…

…but if you have been blogging for awhile this association is a great support group and Ray provides some very cool material that has helped me improve on my blogging skills no question.

If you want details on the Blogging Association you can email Ray, tell him I sent ya!  Smile

Here is Ray’s email:


Your Turn… Get Attracting!

It really is that simple gang…

And it is a powerful strategy to implement… so don’t put it off..  either get one of Rays courses or touch base with him and get YOUR show on the road!


Comment Below… 

What are your thoughts and/or experiences with Attraction Marketing?

Let us know and provide any value you have in the comments section below…


Video- Attraction Marketing: How to start blogging:


Be sure to comment below... and let us know your thoughts on Attraction Marketing!

Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach

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  1. Two of the courses that I have gone through of Ray’s are the ILT Workshop and Make Money Blogging….I agree Robb attraction marketing is a great way to build relationships and your team…. love the example of the fish lines out there….
    Robb is right on about Ray’s Private Blogging Association if you are serious about taking your blogging to the next level…
    Great post Robb… Thanks for sharing the value…

  2. hey Robb, great analogy of hunting versus fishing, I think I will steal that 🙂
    I appreciate your sense of humor as well, keep them coming!

    • Robb Corbett says:

      Glad you liked it man, and welcome to it! And you have gotta have fun or else what is the point?

  3. Such good info!! Thank you for really talking in depth about blogging, been loving all your post!

  4. Great post Rob. I like how you broke down and explained how attraction marketing works. I own all of Ray’s blogging courses myself and they all over deliver. Thanks for sharing this information.

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