Are You Too Soft For Success? Let’s Find Out

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Are You Too Soft For Success? Let’s Find Out…

Man oh man I hate when I see someone quit on their goals and aspirations because they said it was too hard. no cry babies

Like a spoiled child… wan wan wan!

What they are basically saying is they expected the great things in life to just be handed to them, like they deserve it or are entitled to it…

The problem is our society has developed an incredible entitlement mentality. We believe we are entitled to everything.

That everything should be just given to us.

While our societies have developed into caring societies, in that we help each other, especially those in need, with health services and unemployment benefits, etc. And although I believe this is a good thing (to an extent), it has come at a cost which I believe is also a detrimental thing in that it has made people soft.

It has taken the hunter instinct out of many people. Instead of working hard, taking risks and giving it our all, we have become soft, we sit back and say well the government will take care of us, or our job is providing us with enough to survive comfortably, etc.

It is like the lion that is caged, and fed nice T-bone steaks each and every day. Eventually this animal is not going to have a clue how to hunt to survive, it is no longer what it was, it loses a part of its self.

The successful people in life, keep that extra edge, they do not lose that hunter instinct. They do not sit back, they are always pushing on, they break away from the herd.

The herd is 98% of the population. Just like a herd of cattle they just all follow what the other is doing, moving through their existence, doing what they are told is what you are suppose to do.

break away from the herd mentality

Go to school, get a job, pay into a retirement plan, have 2.5 kids and a dog and someday you will be able to retire and sit around baking cookies or playing paddy cakes the rest of your life.

What type of life is that?

Not for me I can assure you. Life was meant to be lived, life is suppose to be exciting.

I have found that if you want success look to what the other 2% of the people do.

Do not go with the status quo. Just because your friends are doing it, or your parents, teachers and perceived experts tell you it is the way to go, does not mean it is. It just means it is what they know. It is what they were taught.

There is a great old saying that “if you buy some one’s opinion then you are buying their lifestyle”.

So before you take the advice of someone, ask yourself is the life they are leading really the life I want to lead? If the answer is yes then go for it, however if your answer is no then don’t follow their advice, and instead go out and find someone who is living the life you want to lead and ask them for their opinion!

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Keep on Rocking!
Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach



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