Discover How To Recruit Leaders Into Your Business

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Discover How To Recruit Leaders Into Your Business

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Today gang I wanted to stress to you in this post that in Network Marketing it is crucial to your success that you develop the skill of recruiting up! recruit leaders network marketing

What exactly does it mean to recruit up you are asking?

Well great question but let’s first look at what 95% of Network Marketers do…

The best way to look at it is… let’s say you that you consider yourself on the success in life chart a 7 out of 10….

Well the majority of network marketers always recruit down… they look for 6’s and 5’s!

They immediately go to the people who they have influence over… people who look up to them… and people who have less ability and skill set then they do… basically people who they are less intimated by.

Now do not get me wrong I am all for helping everyone have their first success in life… I am all for helping people better themselves….. do more, be more and become more!


Network Marketing is the game changer for everyone!

I actually very much enjoy helping people go onto big success…. Plus there is an old saying out there that “every dude knows a stud”! Success in network marketing is a numbers game, so do not leave anyone out, share your message with as many people as you can on an ongoing bases.

However it is crucial to your business success gang that you start to develop the skill set of recruiting up.

That you go out and start prospecting to the 8’s, 9’s and 10’s!!

Do not neglect the 8’s , 9’s, and 10’s! Do your best to load up your downline with them.



Simply put they will rock your business!! And they will do so very very quickly!

People that know how to create success in other careers, jobs, business, etc…. will very quickly figure out how to have success in Network Marketing!

People who are doers movers and shakers will rock your business fast.

People who have influence are golden for your business!

Find me the most busy, successful doctor, lawyer, real estate agent, etc… and I will show you a future top income earner in the network marketing industry.


Recruiting Up Is Easy

And the best thing is… recruiting up is no harder then recruiting down once you get your head around simply going out and doing it…. once you get over the fear and intimidation and simply go for it.

Approach them as you would anyone… simply provide them with a 3rd party recruiting tool (website, dvd, etc) and let the tool do the talking and then watch your down line explode!

Social media is a GREAT way to find these types of movers… Facebook is loaded with them. Go find some, start a friendship, build a relationship and ask them to take a look at your opportunity.


One of these movers and shakers alone can be responsible for exploding your downline…. definitely worth getting over your fear and fast!!! 🙂

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To YOUR success!
Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach

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