Are You Growing Or Are You Dying??

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Are You Growing Or Are You Dying??

Hey Gang… This is a very important questions to ask yourself…

In my opinion if you are not growing daily then you are dying in life… fading away into a boring mundane life of simply existing…

Nothing could be worse in my opinion… Life was meant to be lived…  if you are not growing you are dying

To be celebrated not tolerated!!

Just as a Tree never stops growing… the same goes for humans if we want a fulfilled life. When we stop growing we start dying.

Find something in life you are passionate about and go for it. better yourself in that direction daily.

Stop doubting yourself and go for it…

You Can Do It!

Great quote from by the Comedian Tim Allen in Donald Trumps book “think Big and Kick Ass in Business and In Life”

“Everyday you can improve yourself and grow. Everyday you can take yourself to a new level. Grab something with momentum that you are passionate about. Keep working on it and amazing things will happen.”

Life is to short to just let it happen to you. We have one go at this journey, you want to look back at the end of yoru days and be glad you gave it your all.

What a terrible thing it would be to one day look back and say “I wish I had of”.

And in the end achieving your dreams and goals is not that difficult, it just takes doing a little extra each and every day, and before long that little extra turns into a lot and incredible things start to happen.

The problem is that as people we are also impatient, we live in a society where we want everything now… we do not want to wait.

So what happens to most of us is if we do not see results in the first few days maybe a week or two, from our extra efforts we get discouraged and quit.

When if we had of just help on a little while long we would have seen the magic start to happen.

So many people quit when they are so close to reaching their dreams, they just did not realize it.

So figure out what you want in life, put a plan in place to get it and then keep on keeping on until you get it!

If you do this, at the end of your days on this earth you will never be able to look back with regret!

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Until Next Time
Keep on Rocking!
Robb Corbett

Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach



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