Are you at Risk for Heart Disease?

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Are you at Risk for Heart Disease?

Heart disease is a disorder that affects millions of people. The most common of all heart diseases is coronary heart disease, which is the narrowing of the artery or in worst cases, there is a blockage.

There are many risk factors for heart disease, one of the highest is diet. Some factors may be inherited but most are a result of lifestyle choices.

Some of the uncontrollable risk factors are:

family history



Some of the controllable risk factors are: heart disease risk factors



high cholesterol

and stress

Although it may be easy to suggest a less stressful life, where you have healthy meals prepared for you and a personal trainer to keep you fit,  we all know that is simply not possible for most.

Life DOES get busy, we DO make bad food choices sometimes but the good news is you can always rectify those bad choices with more sleep, taking a multivitamin, eating more balanced, and getting some activity in when you can.

If we know the risk factors than we also know the remedy!

One aspect that is often overlooked is the action of promoting good cholesterol levels to inhibit the bad ones.

Along with high levels of LDL, having low levels of HDL the “good” cholesterol can be just as detrimental to your health.

Make sure to eat healthy amounts of fish and/or take an Omega 3 Fatty Acids supplement to ensure that you get enough healthy fat in your diet.

While there is no magic wand to help banish the evil wards of heart disease away, regular exercise and good nutrition are not rocket science and are a sure fire way to significantly lower your chances of having a heart health issue.

exercise healthier prevent heart disease

One of the biggest misconceptions about heart disease is that it only happens to “old” people or people are excessively overweight.

Statistics will tell us that is not true. According to a poll conducted by the American Medical Association, 150,000 Americans killed each year by different heart diseases are under the age of 65.

Also, you don’t have to appear excessively overweight to be at risk…

A very slender male with a little bit of a belly (while it looks like he is not carrying that much extra fatty tissue) can have tons of artery clogging fat in his system as well as excess amounts of visceral fat surrounding his organs. (both of which are a recipe for heart disaster)

So what can we do to cut down our risk and the risk of our loved ones?

We need to pull out our sneakers, clean out our cupboards and get back on the health and wellness wagon so that we can live a higher quality life and be the best we can be!

Isn’t that what living is all about!

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