Are You Achieving Your Goals or Your Boss’s Goals?

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Are You Achieving Your Goals or Your Boss’s Goals?

You have one life and it is meant to be yours to live. Living your life or your boss

You should do all you can do… You should become all you can possibly become… You should achieve all you can achieve…

But it can become a challenge when we work for someone else.

It becomes very difficult to distinguish between your goals and your employers goals… between what your employer expects of you and what you expect of your life.

There is nothing wrong with having a job at all… in fact it is a great thing!!

Not everyone is meant to be an entrepreneur, not everyone wants to work for themselves… But everyone should want to design their life as THEY want it to be.

If you are just living your life as it “Turned Out to Be”… just going with the flow… Thinking you are stuck living this life…. only building someone else’s dream…. then it is time for a serious change.


It Is Your Life and ONLY Your Life

It is YOUR life regardless of whether you are your own boss or have a boss… and you need to be in charge of what your life looks like.

The challenge when we work for someone else is that is becomes difficult to figure out what your goals are VERSES what your its your life and never too late to be greatemployers goals or demands are…

It is important to determine what the difference is and then go to work to figure out how you can create a good balance between them.

A balance that will have you working towards your goals and also keeping your boss happy.

Now this may require standing up for yourself or making changes in your career…

Because you can either be in control of your life or you can be a victim by letting someone else dictate the course of your life.

Do not sacrifice your dreams by helping someone else achieve theirs… Find the balance!


What Do YOU Want to Achieve in Life?

There is no question that if your career consists of working for someone else that you obviously need to do an incredible job at it and do as your boss says.

However you also must know who are you are and what it is you want to achieve in your life.

You and only you are in control of your destiny and you owe it to yourself to make the changes that are required to get you to where you want to end up.

You need to determine for yourself if where you are is going to get you to where you want to be in life.

Is your present situation one that allows you to be in charge of your destination or do you know in your heart that you will never achieve your goals in your present situation?


You May Be On The Wrong Ship

It may turn out that the ship you are on is taking you in the complete opposite direction of where you want to go.

And if that is the case you will now have to make the decision as to whether or not it is time to leave what you are doing and find something that is going to take you to where you want to go.

What is the point of living if you are not going to live?

What is the point of having a life if you are just going to just live someone else’s?

Everyone should have dreams in life… but they need to be more then that… they need to be dreams that you are working towards… they are called goals!

You are going to need to decide if what you are doing for a career right now is helping you reach your goals or is it only helping your boss reach his or her goals?

its never to late to turn-your-life-around

You Do Not Have to be Self Employed to be a Success!

There is nothing that says you must quit a job you love and become self employed.

Countless people have created incredible lives and achieved their goals working for someone else.

Being an entrepreneur is not for everyone… And it is not just entrepreneurs who achieve great things.

The key is to know what you want to achieve in life, put a plan in place to get there, and if your present career can make it happen for you AND you are happy doing what you are doing… you are in great shape!

BUT… your goals have to be #1… not your boss’s goals!

If what you are doing is making you miserable, and it is not getting you closer to your goals… NOW is the time for a change!

If change is not possible within your present career then it is time to be courageous and make the move to something that will allow you to work on your goals.


Life is Short and You Must Live it on Your Terms!

But do not fall for the lie that you must be self employed to become a massive success.

The secret to success is to do what you love…

If you can do work that you love then you will never again work a day in your life.


Be courageous… do what you love and have a passion for… and most of all focus on you and your goals. Do not be a slave to someone else’s goals!

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Keep on Rocking!
Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach



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