Active Verses Passive MLM Marketing Strategies

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When it comes to mlm marketing or recruiting it really boils down to 2 different forms of marketing you could be engaged in.

If you are out actively talking to people about your business whether on social media or out in the real world then you are engaged in active marketing or recruiting. Active verses passive mlm marketing

Going after prospects… hunting them!

If you are running ads or posting blog posts daily, doing videos, etc… then you are engaged in passive marketing.

Attracting prospects to you… luring them in like fishing!

Over the next three days we are going to look at these recruiting tactics in more detail.


Where Best to Focus Your Time….

Today I will explain where you should be spending your time when it comes to active verses passive activities… basically I am going to help you come up with your very own mlm marketing plan!

… then tomorrow and the following day we will dive deeper into the how-to of active strategies and then passive strategies…

…I will show you the methods I like best and provide you some tips on how to get going on them!

(continued below)

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MLM Marketing Where to Start…

For myself and many others the promise land in network marketing is getting to a place where all of the passive marketing you have done turns into a steady flow of leads for your business coming your way…

To be at a place where you have so many people who are interested in talking to you about your business and how you can help them… that you never have to cold call another cold prospect again… that you never have to go after friends and family again!

It is a GREAT place to be…

BUT… you can not start there!!


Baby Steps to the Promised Land…

You have top pay your dues in the trenches, out actively prospecting!

There are a few reasons for this:

1) Marketing Takes Time…

Passive marketing takes a long time to get to the point where you will start producing enough leads to build a network marketing business!

It can takes months or even up to a year before your DAILY marketing will generate even 1 lead!

So if you want to build a downline, (which I sure hope you do or you are in the wrong business)… it is going to take a very long time to do so if starting out you only engage passive mlm marketing strategies!


2) Passive marketing takes a long time!  (Yup I just said that and it is worth repeating!!)

It does take a long time…  and the 2nd problem with this is that most people will not have the dedication to stick to doing the daily marketing activities such as:

Writing a blog post daily

Doing a video daily

Putting out instagram posts and video

etc, etc, etc

This type of work become repetitive and boring for most people, especially if they are not seeing a return to start with!



You Must Lead By Example…

What this means is YOU as the leader must know how to do Active mlm marketing…  you as the leader must know how to recruit actively…

Because you must be able to show your downline how to do it and how to do it successfully!!

In network marketing you can not hide behind you computer and expect to simply tell your team to get out and recruit…

you must lead by example…  you must be out there recruiting!

I don’t care if you have 100 leads a day coming into your attraction marketing system… if you are not out actively recruiting, your team will not be and you will NOT build a long term network marketing business!


3) Active mlm marketing or recruiting works awesome!

I created a 6 figure income from active prospecting… out talking to people… out recruiting… out building relationships!

It works and it works well if you do it right!

And when you have a downline I can assure you that this is ALL that 80% of them will ever do…  most will not want to learn the technical stuff involved with online marketing.

So you need to be the leader and lead them!

(continued below)


What This ALL Means for You…

If you are interested in internet marketing and getting to a point in your business where you have leads coming to you…

Then here is how you do it…

Starting out you focus at least 75% of your time actively recruiting…

Yup… out there sharing your network marketing business with prospects every single day…

At least 2 new prospects ever day!

Then with the remaining 25% of your time you engage in passive mlm marketing techniques, such as writing a daily blog post or filming a daily training video…

….  now over time as your leads start to come in you can change the times allotted to these activities….

So instead of 75% of your time on active prospecting, you can go to 50%, and then 25%… But NEVER less then 25%…

You are a network marketer… So ALWAYS be engaged in active recruiting…  lead by example!


Stay Tuned for Tomorrow’s Goodies….

Tomorrow I will give you some of my favorite active mlm marketing tips…  help you put a plan in place to become an active recruiting machine!

Then the following day I will share my favorite passive marketing tips with you…

If you want to get a head start here are two articles for you, one on some active methods and the other on some passive method!

Cold Market Network Marketing Recruiting Strategies
– Attraction Marketing: Why You Should Blog


Video – MLM Marketing Strategies Active Vs Passive!


Your Turn – Enter into the discussion below, we would love your input.  What is your experience or thoughts on active verses passive mlm marketing?


Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach

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  1. Active prospecting is what makes you the “now” money. Great informative post Robb thanks for sharing this!

  2. great post Robb!! You hit it on the head consistency is key..

  3. Right on Robb, and active prospecting is the key, so we all just need to get out and do it!

  4. Love the way you have presented both types of marketing.. Passive marketing works but the key to fast growth is Active marketing… great post and great value….

  5. My blog is a small window of great opportunity in the internet realm, I have experienced both but seems active marketing secures the relationship better, if you are seeking down-line members.

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