A Simple 3 Step Process for Making Wise Decisions

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A Simple 3 Step Process for Making Wise Decisions

There is no question about it that for some people making a decision that could affect the rest of their life is a nerve wracking experience. making wise decisions

And for others even minor decisions that they need to make can cause them serious stress and anxiety. Especially when they start thinking about all of the things that could go wrong if they make the wrong decision.

The dangerous trap becomes when people can’t make a decision, they start to constantly change their minds going back and forth between the different options. This could be decisions about your career, business, money, family, relationships, etc.

So how can you know that the decision you are making is the best decision?

Many times the correct choice is the obvious one and the decision making process is easy… however sometimes the best choice is not that clear.

All of the decisions may hold possibilities for you and making the right decision can be confusing and frustrating.

The great news is that it does not have to be this way…

Making the smart choice, in any situation comes down to the following simple 3 step process.


3 Step Process for Making Wise Decisions

Step #1) What Is The Best Case Outcome?

When you are trying to make a decision and you have a few options in front of you to choose from; a perfect question to ask yourself is “What is the best possible outcome with this decision”? What do I stand to gain?

If the rewards are big, and they are something you want or require in your life then you may be alright with handling the risk or challenge associated with this decision.

However if the outcome or reward is not that great or life changing and the risk and work involved is large then you may determine that the best decision is to hold off for now


Step #2) What Do I Stand To Lose? risk-reward

The 2nd question to ask yourself is “What do I stand to lose if my decision turns out to be the wrong choice”?

People tend to shy away from looking at the negatives of any opportunity.

However smart people realize it is part of the decision making process and could save you a lot of time, energy, frustration and disappointment!

If the potential downside is significant with this opportunity, the smart decision may be to hold off on it for now. Later down the road it may turn into a better option for you to explore at that time.


Step #3) What’s the Worst Possible Outcome?

And lastly go one step further with it and ask yourself “what is the worst thing that could possibly happen if I pursue this opportunity or make this choice”?

Does the answer to this question bother me or do the consequences outweigh the potential benefits?

Some people are afraid to ask this question… as they do not want to appear to be a negative minded or pessimistic person.

However this is an important question to ask yourself as it can bring significant clarity to the decision making process.

If there is no way you could hand the consequences then the decision you have to make is obvious. This opportunity is not for you.

However if the worst possible outcome or consequences are not so bad, and the upside is good then you now know that this opportunity may just be a great option for you.


Final Thoughts:

In some situations all of the options you are looking at may have the same positive and negative outcomes (risk & rewards). What do you do then?

Trust your gut instinct… What is it telling you. It is most likely right!

Nobody has a crystal ball that can show you the future and the outcome of your decision in advance. There are no guarantees.

The only thing you can do is as we just discussed, look at all the pros and cons of the decision in front of you and make the best possible informed decision with the information you have.

Keep in mind that ALL decisions are learning experiences… so relax… if you end up making the wrong decision you will learn from it and become a wiser person.

Keep this in mind and with each decision you make you will become more confident in your decision making abilities.


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