A Price Will Be Paid Either Way

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A Price Will Be Paid Either Way

pay the price of successYes there is a price to be paid to be successful.

There is a price for anything you want to achieve in life. You will have to give something up to get what you truly desire.

You may have to give up your TV time at night to devote that time to building a side business that turns into a serious business. You may have to give up your favorite junk foods to lose that weight. You may have to take an hour a day to go to the gym to finally achieve the physique you have always dreamed of. You may have to sacrifice putting away 10% of your income so you can retire in comfort one day.

Even if you do not get committed now to your goals and pay the price now, you will still eventually pay a price.

The price of watching TV and not working on a side business could mean you will be broke your whole life and stuck in that dead end job. The price of not giving up your favorite junk foods could mean you become overweight, unhealthy and die at a young age. The price of not becoming dedicated to investing 10% of your income each month now, could mean you end up working well into your retirement years.

It is up to you to decide which price you want to pay.

You are free to chose whichever direction you want your life to go. You only need to be prepared to face the consequences of your decisions.

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