7 Ways to Manipulate Your Mind for Success

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7 Ways to Manipulate Your Mind for Success

Your mind is a tricky thing. It can be your most powerful ally in your journey towards success or it can be your worst enemy.Manipulate your mind for success

If allowed to run wild or “Willy Nilly” all over the place… uncontrolled with no direction it will take you and your life from one mess to another.

When the mind has no direction… when we have no control over our mind it becomes chaos… out thoughts and actions are all over the place.

We have no goals, we are achieving nothing and our life is nothing more then a jumbled mess…

You end up living your life just bouncing around… like a ship without a rudder… going here there and everywhere with no specific destination in sight.

You might not think your life is chaotic, but look at it closer…

=> are your finances in order?

=> are you fit and healthy?

=> how is your debt?

=> how is your family life, your marriage?

=> how is your career, are you doing what you love or just putting in time to pay the bills?

=> has your life improved from last year or are you in the same spot you where or worse?

If these very important components of your life are not where they should be… if there is no progress… then there is a very real chance your mind is being allowed to run wild…


How The Mind Works…

Patterns are what the mind looks for… meaning it searches for patterns in how you behave, what you do.

Once it locates one, it starts to turn these patterns into habits that end up defining your life and who you are.

Now this can work for you or it can work against you. It can be positive or it can be negative. It can take you to great heights or it can destroy you.

Most people have not learned how to control this… most people are lazy… most people are attracted to negative habits because they are easier and take no effort!

But they have serious consequences… the easy way always does!


Lets Look at Some Examples:

=> Start eating fast food during lunch hour instead of making a health lunch to take with you and you will be out of shape, fat and your health will be crap.

=> Spend your money, rack up credit card debt on things you want now, instead of saving a portion of each pay for “extra Spending” and before long you will be buried under a mountain of debt.

=> Sit your butt in front of the TV when you get home from work nightly instead of spending quality time with your family and before long your family relationships will deteriorate.

You get the idea…


How to Manipulate Your Mind For Greatness!

But the good news is that you can also learn to “HoodWink” (manipulate) your mind into becoming your secret weapon… train it to slowly (but surely) start turning your life around and getting you on the path to living a Happy and fulfilled life.

See your mind does not care what the patterns are that it recognizes in your life… good or bad it will work to turn these patterns in habits.

So in order to have a great life… in order to achieve your goals… you have to start showing your mind positive patterns that it will then turn into good habits that will continue to become stronger and take you to where you want to go.

There is no question developing good habits takes more effort then developing bad… it takes determination and a strong desire to change and grow.

It is not for the weak!

But you do not have to go all in right out of the gates… you can start small… take baby steps towards the direction you want to go…

…your mind will eventually lock onto to the patterns you are developing and build on them… turning them into rock solid powerful & positive habits that do tremendous things in your life.

lets look at some examples:

Our habits make us a success


7 Ways to Manipulate Your Mind for Success

=> Start exercising 2-3 times a week for only 20 minutes… you will start to become fit and get addicted to working out.

=> Start eating healthy 5 days a week, take the weekend off to eat what you like… you will start to feel energized, become healthy and feel great.

=> Start reading 10 – 20 minutes of personal development and self help information like this blog daily and you will start to create a success focused mindset and become a more positive upbeat person.

=> Start doing things that are outside of your comfort zone and you will create a habit of being fearless.

=> Start putting aside 10% of every pay check into a saving/investment account and you will become addicted to saving as you see your bank account swell.

=> Start spending a hour each night after work with your family, doing family activities. Eat dinner together and before long you will have much stronger family relationships.

=> Start writing down your goals and spending time daily thinking about them and how you will achieve them and eventually your mind will focus on ways to make the goal a reality for you.

Becoming the person you wish to be is not hard… but it takes determination.

Your mind can be your biggest ally… so use it! Once you train it to create positive habits the only thing between you and the life you wish to live is a very Short Amount of Time!


Check out this Pretty cool video from my friend Randy Gage on this subject…


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Until Next Time
Make Things Happen!!
Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach



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