6 Tips to Build Killer Self-Esteem

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6 Tips to Build Killer Self-Esteem

Many people seem to suffer from low self-esteem. Which if you do you know how much it can negatively affect many areas of your life. 6 tips to improve your self-esteem

Improving your self esteem or developing a positive self image is a goal worth striving for… and one that you can achieve with some dedication and determination.

In this article we will look at 6 different ways you can start improving your self esteem today.

Everything and everyone you come in contact with can affect your self-esteem. People you know and deal with on a daily basis can either inadvertently or even deliberately impact your self esteem.

The problem is that if you let them some negative people and even circumstances can completely ruin your self image & pull you down in ways you won’t even notice, until it is too late.

The key is to not let these outside influences get the better of you.

But this is easier said then done, so how do you accomplish this?

Staying calm, cool and collective, while maintaining a strong self image in this day and age with all the negative forces around us is a challenge, but it is not impossible. The key is to have a plan and follow a few simple rules or guidelines.


The following 6 tips to improve your self-esteem is a great place to start.


Improve Self Esteem Tip #1 : Your Negative Work Environment

Watch out for a work environment that is “dog eat dog”. One where you have to fight and compete with your fellow workers to get ahead of them to move up the corporate ladder. negative work environment low self-esteem

These types of work environments are where the non-appreciative people typically tend to thrive and working extra hours is the norm and is actually expected of you and not appreciated or rewarded.

In this type of environment no one shows any appreciation for your contributions regardless of whether you are missing your breaks, lunch, dinner, and even if you stay working into the night.

Unless you are extremely lucky most of the time you will be working very hard and not receiving help from your fellow employees.

If you suffer from low self esteem, this type of environment is one that should be avoided. Even if you don’t suffer from low self-esteem you have to guard yourself from it if you do work in this type of environment.

Find a team oriented type of career. One with support and encouragement from your employer and your fellow employees. One were co-operation is encouraged.


Improve Self Esteem Tip #2: Dump the Self Esteem Killers

Call them what you like, brown nosers, gossipers, whinny pants-ers, back stabbers, naggers, control freaks, complainers…. whatever, they all have one thing in common, a uncontrollable inner desire to benefit at the expense of other people.

Stay clear of them. If they are your friends lose them and get new friends. And what ever you do, do not join them.

They may get a short term feeling of accomplishment putting people down and asserting their power over them, but deep down they are some of the most insecure and unhappy people you will ever come across.

Stay clear! You deserve better.

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Improve Self Esteem Tip #3: A Changing Environment

In this day in age where we are moving fast, it is impossible to avoid change, it is a part of our modern day life.

Change challenges us… it tests our ability to adapt and it alters our lives in major ways. Change can make life stressful and difficult to deal with. But it is part of life and you need to embrace it and realize that change is good. Instead of fighting it look for ways that it is going to improve your life.

Do your best to manage change and if at all possible avoid more then one change at a time. Change will be with you for the rest of your life, the key is to embrace it and not fear it.


Improve Self Esteem Tip #4: Past Experience

Everyone has baggage they carry from the past. These experiences whether good or bad have helped to shape us into who we are. But the baggage that we dwell on can still be hurting us. Increase your self-esteem by leaving your past behind.

Being upset when we go through a painful experience is normal and it is more then okay, it is part of the healing process. But do not let the pain dominate your life or control you.

If something painful has happened to you look to find a way to minimize its effects… Get counselling, meet with a group, talk about it with friends and family members. Find ways to get over it as soon as possible.

Take control and don’t let it dominate your life or even worse dictate or shape your future.

Do your best to learn what you can from any negative experience & then do your best to put it behind you and move on.


Improve Self Esteem Tip #5: Negative News

News on TV and the internet is caulk full of nothing but doom & gloom. It is how they sell subscriptions and advertisements, people are drawn to tragedy, the news to them is like watching a horror movie or an accident scene, it is terrible butRaise your self-esteem by turning off the negative news. they can not look away.

And although it is true that there are many people suffering around the world with wars and illness and all kinds of other disasters, you can not spend all your time thinking about it or watching it. There are also many beautiful uplifting things taking place in the world

Focus on the beauty and do not focus on the negative or it will pull you down and destroy your self esteem.

We must learn to focus on the beauty in life and strive to be a positive force in a negative world.

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Improve Self Esteem Tip #6: Determination Theory

Are we a result of our biological inherited characteristics or are we a result of the influences we absorb throughout our lifetime?

The truth is who we are is as a result of our inherited genetics and the outside influences we have experienced in our lives. Which means our present traits are not set in stone we can change.

While there is no question that some things about us are determined by our genetics, such as the color of our skin, height, etc… it is also true that your upbringing, present and past environment and the people in your life have a significant effect on your present behavior as well.

The key is to understand that regardless of your past or present YOU are your own person.

You control your destiny and you determine who you want to be… You are not your parents, you are not your friends, you are you. Learn from what other people have done, do not repeat it yourself.

Being a positive minded person is a choice and a decision. Developing your self esteem and working on self improvement is a decision. It is in your control.

One way to stay positive is to reduce the amount of harmful influences you see during the course of your day and use affirmations and daily inspirational messages like we provide; to keep the positive influences up in your life.

Consistently filling your mind with the good things life has to offer will reduce the impact of the negativity that surrounds us all and will do wonders for your self esteem!

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