5 Tips To Help You Lose Fat

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5 Tips To Help You Lose fat

Have you ever thought you are the only person on the planet struggling with your weight? fad diets don't work

Are you tired of spending loads of money on products and diet plans where the only thing that seems to weigh less is your wallet?

The truth of the matter is, the diet industry thrives on the idea that a slimmer you can be found in a bottle.

Slogans like, “get rid of belly fat and eat what you want,” “Want a slimmer waistline….find it with Slim Max!”

But the truth is there is no quick fix!!!

The only way to successfully lose fat for good is to incorporate diet and exercise together…

Here are some tips to consider if you have decided to take losing weight by yourself, with out the aid of a dietician/nutritionist or personal trainer.

(Although sometimes hiring a professional for a brief period of time to get you started, is the best thing you can do for yourself not only because of the motivation, but for the learning aspect as well)

Tip # 1. Sit down somewhere quiet, where you are alone and can think.

Write a list of all the things you can think of that are holding you back from being successful in your weight loss attempts. (Ex. Not making time for yourself, having unhealthy food in the house, not creating a budget for gym membership/personal trainer, not taking time to properly prepare meals for the day and/or week, poor self esteem etc).

Then write a motivating letter to yourself telling you what you will do when these things (EXCUSES) come up and how you will combat them to become successful.

Tip # 2. Write a list of some weight loss attempts you have made,

These could be plans, books, tapes, diets, etc.  Then write the pros and cons of each attempt, what you liked about one but disliked about another.

By doing this you may be able to figure out what type of plan you can implement to suit your fitness/nutrition needs.

Tip # 3. Make a list of foods

Both foods you like, foods you dislike and some healthy foods you have never tried before.

Do a little research on healthy foods that are a “must” (check out Canada’s or the USA’s Food Guide) and see where YOUR diet sits with regards to a healthy, balanced meal plan.

The last time I checked Ketchup chips do not help you lose belly fat!!!!!

Tip # 4. Buy a food journal

It doesn’t have to be expensive journal…  but use it to write daily what you eat, both good and bad.

You will be surprised how writing this down will keep you motivated and accountable for what you are eating.


No one likes to look down at see 2 chocolate brownies scrawled on the page before them, but it helps to not want to do it in the future!

Tip # 5. Last but not least, don’t be so HARD on yourself.

You will have good days when your eating is perfect and you go to bed feeling amazing, and you will have bad days where you feel like everything you saw you had to put in your mouth and you go to bed with visions of sugar and chocolate rivers in your head.

Wake up the next morning and do what you can to rectify the day before.

Decide to go for an early morning walk, take the stairs or eat extra lean that day to make up for the day of indulgence. It must become a lifestyle, not a diet plan.

Believe in yourself and your body’s capabilities and the sky is the limit!!!!!

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