5 Suggestions for Solving Marital Money Problems

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5 Suggestions for Solving Marital Money Problems

In a marriage it is important that both partners feel like they are equals and treated as such. And this includes dealing with the 5 tips to resolve money problems in marriagefinances.

Now typically in a relationship one person takes the lead in regards to handling the money situation, however it is important for couples in a marriage to be open about their financial situation and be in agreement in regards to the direction they would like it to go.

So regardless of whether you and your spouse both work a full time job or if one of you is a stay at home parent watching the children… it is important that neither feels out of the loop when it comes to money!

Even if you do not feel out of the loop, it is still crucial for a marriage that you both take time to communicate about the money situation and work together on making it better.

Most marriages these days end in divorce and the number one cause is money and finances. Dealing with money issues can cause some serious stress on a marriage. It is important to learn to work together as a team…

The following are some thoughts on how you can deal with money situations and get on the same page with your partner as fast and stress free as possible…

1.) Choose an appropriate time.

The temptation is to talk about money when a situation arises. The problem is the situation has probably created stress and tension and this will most likely end in a heated discussion. The key is to make the time to talk when everyone is calm and ready to work things out. Head to a coffee shop or out for dinner. Make it fun. Getting out of the house when you have these types of conversations will keep the stress level down. If you do decide to speak about finances at home, make sure it is not around the kids.


2.) Be Ready With The Topics to Discuss.

The key is to know what it is that needs to be discussed. Make sure all the issues that need dealing with are addressed. The best way is to come prepared with all of the items that need discussing written down before hand.


3.) Don’t Get Upset.

Do whatever you can to make sure your tone is not argumentative. Do not throw the blame at your spouse. This is not an opportunity to fight, this is the time to work your finances out. Starting a fight will not accomplish anything. Focus on the situation, and finding a solution, not on blaming your spouse for the problem.


4.) Take Turns.

Allow your partner to have their say first. Listen to them, do not interrupt them. Allow them to feel as an equal with you, as they should be. A little politeness and common courtesy will go a long way to working out the financial situation with out any hard feelings arising.


5.) Come Up With a Plan.

While you are discussing the present situation work on a plan to get you from where you are financially to where you want to be. Include a budget for your expenses, as well as investment plans, retirement plans and children’s education. You also want to have some money set aside for fun time and vacation time. Write your plan down. And then from time to time review it with your spouse to make sure you are on track.


Final Thought: Above all remember the love and respect you both have for each other. Your spouse is your partner and your best friend. Work together to build the life you desire. . As enemies neither one of you will get anywhere and your family will suffer. As a team you can do great things and everything will work out great for you both.

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