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5 Strategies to Kill Bills

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5 Strategies to Kill Bills

If you ever wish to be financially free you are going to have to figure out how to build wealth. One of the keys to building wealth is not how kill bills and get debt freemuch you make but how much you save (to invest!)

And the number one area most people have to clean up in order to save money is their bills…

It is no surprise to hear that most people are sinking in debt… People want everything now! So what do they do? They freaking spend spend spend… money they don’t have!

Which of course gets them further and further into debt that they will never recover from.

They look like they are living the good life but behind the scenes they are a stinking mess!!

The following Kill Bills Strategies are areas that you must get under control if you ever have a hope in hell of being financially free…


Kill Bills Strategy #1) Dump the Costly HABITS!

Lets get the worst out of the way first…. Those costly nasty fun filled habits got to go.

We are not even going to talk about the negative health consequences of most habits… Most Bad Habits are not free and they are not cheap… they are costly and there is a great chance they are destroying your changes of creating wealth.

Smoking, drinking, drugs, candy, coffee, collecting crap, etc.

Just by quitting 1 – 2 of the habits listed above it would blow your mind how much money you would save and have left around to invest in wealth creating activities.

Success takes discipline… Bad Habits are for the weak!

By dumping your habit you are saving money, most likely becoming healthier and on top of that you are creating self-discipline which is paramount to becoming a successful person.

discipline is doing what needs to be done even though you don't want to

Kill Bills Strategy #2) Stop Splurging on Eating Out!

Ready for some basic math… basic but earth shattering when you understand how much you are wasting… and what you could be doing with this extra money!

Lets be really stupidly conservative with this… lets say that you ONLY eat out at a restaurant one time per week… (most eat out much more then that)… and lets say it ONLY costs you $25 per meal… in a months time that is $100 you have blown stuffing your gut!

So on top of eating out at a restaurant… most people get their lunch at a fast food drive thru type restaurant… let’s again be conservative spending money in fast food restaurantand say that you ONLY do this 3 times a week… and let’s say that you ONLY spend $5 per meal.. which is crap because no where can you eat out for only $5… but again we are being conservative.

This equals $60 a month spent on complete and utter garbage food!

Add those 2 figures together and you will see that you are spending AT LEAST $160 per month on being a fancy guy/gal and eating out.

In 1 year that is $1,920.00 ... now tell me that would not eliminate a nice piece of debt for you??

So instead of blowing your money on garbage food… Start brown bagging it… Pack a lunch to take with you.

And then for supper go old school and try cooking some home cooked meals for a change..

It is a fraction of the cost and it will taste 100 times better then the garbage food you were buying from your favourite fast food dump and it will most definitely be healthier

If you can’t man up enough to go cold turkey on this plan from the start… take baby steps… start out slow… cut your spending in half. some action is better then none!


Kill Bills Strategy #3) Grocery Shop Smartly

Here is a little wake up call for you… Your Grocery Store is NOT your friend! grocery store sales techniques

They are in business… they are out to make money… their job is to separate you from as much of your hard earned money as they possibly can.

Most people head off grocery shopping with no written list of what they need… Bad Bad Plan and a HUGE Mistake!

Row after row of food is positioned and advertised to suck you in and get you to buy all the food you do not need…

If you come prepared in advance you could save at least 50% of your shopping bill. Know what you need in advance and go directly to those items.

Do not window (aisle) shop… Get in and get out!


Kill Bills Strategy #4) Sell Your Junk

Everyone has junk just lying around collecting dust.

There is a wise old saying that can help you put that junk to use and clear off some debt:

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”?

Sell that junk… have yard sale or put it up for sale on the online auction sites. Take that money and drop it on your bills.

No question the average person could clear off some significant credit card debt by doing this… not to mention cleaning up and making more space in your home!


Kill Bills Strategy #5) Cash, Cash, Cash

Stop spending with credit cards and debit cards…

Plastic does not hurt when you use it… but giving up your Cold Hard Cash is painful!!

Handing over Cash makes you think twice about spending it… Seeing it leave your wallet gives you pause about blowing it on just anything.


Final Thoughts:

Want to get out of debt and start building wealth? Then pay attention to what you just read… put it into action!

In no time you will start to see chunks of debt disappearing.

Then start using that extra money to invest in ways to build your wealth… have your money start working for you instead of against you.

Start today!


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Until Next Time
Make Things Happen!!
Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach



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