5 Strategies to Be Happy

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5 Strategies to Be Happy

As humans whether it is intentional or not we are all searching for Happiness. Everyone of us wants to live a happy and fulfilled life.5 strategies to be happy

Some of us will figure out how to achieve happiness in our lives and for those who can’t figure it out they typically turn to addictions that bring them temporary pleasure that they fool themselves into believing is happiness.

Everyone of us knows people who we assume are Happy people…

We may even figure that they are just naturally this way, that they were born this way. For the most part this is BS… nobody is born a happy person… it does not just magically happen.

Living a happy life like anything else you want to accomplish takes dedication, work and a concentrated effort.

The people who have achieved a certain level of Happiness in their lives have made the conscious effort to do so, they have worked at it, they set it as a goal and they focused on what is required by them to make this goal a reality.


The following are 5 Strategies you can use to create happiness in your life:


Be Happy Strategy #1: Optimism

Happy people are optimistic… They make themselves this way! the glass is always full

You have to start looking at the glass as half full instead of half empty. In any situation look for the bright side and focus on it. Stop thinking about how bad things are and instead think of the good in the situation.

This takes effort to train yourself to look at the positive side of every situation.

Yes there may be negative aspects to certain situations and by being optimistic they are not just going to magically disappear, but instead of getting swallowed up in the negativity happy people train themselves to look at the bright side.

Focusing on the negative will do nothing besides bring you down, where as looking for the silver lining will raise your spirits and lift you up.


Be Happy Strategy #2: Kindness

People who have trained themselves to be happy make the decision to be kind. They are kind towards others and they are also kind with themselves.

How you treat others is how others will treat you. And on top of that when you treat others with kindness it creates a good feeling within yourself.

Do not wait until you become a happy person to be kind. Realize that being kind to others is part of the process of what brings you happiness.

Being kind is simply a choice you make.


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Be Happy Strategy #3: Forgiveness

In order to be happy, you have to learn to let go.

You can not hold grudges. This is not an easy thing to do, it will not just magically happen, it takes effort on your part.

You have to train yourself to be able to forgive people.

It is an important part of the process towards living a happy life. Holding grudges or resentment will make you negatively and unhappy.

Be quick to forgive!

Forgiveness is no an occasional act it is a permanent attitude


Be Happy Strategy #4: Acceptance

Focus on those things that you can change and let the things you can’t change be.

Happy people have learned this lesson. They realize they can not control the outcome of everything.

Some things are just the way they are and there is nothing you can do about it… Learn to accept them.

As the Serenity prayer says, accept the things you cannot change and focus on changing the things you can change.

Trying to change things you can not change will simply create frustration in your life, it will get you wound up and angry. Learn to let it go and focus your energy on the areas that you can control.

Leaning acceptance will lead to inner peace and happiness.




Be Happy Strategy #5: Gratitude

Train yourself to be thankful for what you have while you are striving for more.

Do not live for the future… Enjoy your life now, be grateful for all the great things in your life at the moment.

All of us have great things in our lives. We need to recognize them and be thankful for them.

It is a human weakness to always focus on the negative parts of our lives and wish things were better.

It is ok to want to improve your life and work towards it but in order to be happy you must be grateful and take the time to enjoy what you have now.

Life is too short to be ungrateful.


Final Thoughts:

There you have it 5 strategies to help you live a happy life.

The key point to take way from this blog post is that happiness does not just happen, it takes work.

It is a goal that must be worked towards like any other goal you want to accomplish in your life.

The good news though is that it is not a goal that takes a long time to accomplish, start applying these 5 strategies today and you will notice a huge change in your happiness level in no time!

The following is Great Video Clip of Will Smith in the Pursuit of Happyness (must watch movie):


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