5 Dynamite Methods On How To Market MLM

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5 Dynamite Methods On How To Market MLM

Take the time to study these dynamite methods on how to market mlm and you will see instant growth in your mlm 5 Dynamite Methods On How To Market MLMbusiness.

Studying how to market MLM is not like going to medical school. Going to medical school takes 8-10 years and hundreds of thousands of dollars, where learning how to market mlm is a much easier process, less expensive and way more profitable. In this article I will show you the proven methods on how to market mlm the right way.

Method #1: Put Systems In Place

Gang “systems work, people fail”?

In learning how to market mlm it is important that you know from the get go that this is not a sales business, try to sell and YOU LOSE! This is simply about sharing! (That tip alone will be worth millions to some of you)

Your prospect needs to be able to look at what you are doing and say, “I can do what he just did”!!

So how does this happen?

Method #2: Third Party Tools Bring Financial Freedom.

Third party tools such as the following are key when learning how to market mlm:

• Websites presentations
• DVD’s,
• Audio Cd’s,
• Three way calls,
• Home meetings
• Hotel meetings
• Virtual Recruiting Calls

The key is to simply get your prospect to look at one of the 3rd party tools.

Do so by saying the following:

“Hey Bob, just giving you a call because I came across this exciting opportunity and I thought of you, trust me you need to take the time to look at this, here is my third party tool (Insert, your third part tool, DVD, website, magazine, etc) and we can touch base tomorrow to see what you think!”

Method #3: Follow Up Is Crucial To Your Success

In learning how to market mlm you need to understand that “The Fortune Is In The Follow Up”

So simply get back in touch with your prospect when you agreed too and send them to another third party tool. Keep sending them to third party tools until they have enough info to decide if this is for them or not.

Method #4: Your Warm Market Is Where The Gold Is Found

When studying how to market mlm from the pros you will see that your warm market is where the gold was found!! Do not buy into these programs that tell you, that you will never have to speak with friends or family, they are garbage!!

So to start you need to go to your warm market! Yes your warm market! And once you understand how to it is not hard at all, and you will come to enjoy it!

SLAM.…….. That was the door slamming as I know that a ton of people have run away from this article fast after reading that! Most people are looking for the magic bullet to save them from having to do what it takes to be successful.

The Magic bullet does not exist! Systems followed by hard work do! Implement those two things into your business and you will see the massive residual income checks start rolling in!

So to start make a list of at the very min 100 names and phone numbers! Very do-able once you sit down and do it.

Now the key is to get through your list in the first three days in order to really start cranking!

Method #5: Never Stop Developing Your Warm Market

As you now know when learning how to market mlm your warm market is the place to start.

What happens when you run out of people to talk to?? Great question but the answer is even greater, NEVER run out of people to talk to!

You do this by always looking to expand your warm market daily! Sounds tough but it is not.

However it is a whole other article subject, but for the purposes of learning how to market mlm, here are a few tips. Collect business cards everywhere you go, from people and from bulletin boards. Start to get to know these people before you hit them up with your opportunity.

Go online and meet people, places such as myspace and facebook are great places to meet new and old friends!

One of the key things to learn with how to market mlm is “Friends First”, get to know them, people do not care how much you know until they know how much you care!!

Conclusion: When learning how to market mlm, be sure to implement these methods into your plan, stay focused to your plan and never quit and you will see incredible things happen!


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