4 Tricks for Achieving Your Goals in 2015

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4 Tricks for Achieving Your Goals in 2015

WOW… where did 2014 go?

I can remember when I was a kid my parents telling me how “time flies”, but when you are young it does not seem that way. But as an adult time just seems to start going by faster and faster. tricks to achieve your goals

Time is the only thing you can NEVER get back. Time is more valuable then any other resource including money that you can have.

So did you take advantage of 2014? Did you make strides to improve your life? Did you achieve the goals you set? Did you even have any goals set?

Regardless it is now 2015. Put last year behind you… Now is a chance to start fresh and start making the changes in your life you desire.

Let me start by saying I do not do New Years resolutions per se.

I do however sit down and take the time to set the goals I wish to achieve this year.

Goals that make sense and are attainable.

I also make sure that I share my goals with the people who I am close with so that I create within myself a sense of being committed to the goal.

Last year I set a major goal to write a blog post for this blog at least 2 times per week.

I succeeded with this goal. I was able to write over 300 blog posts last year.

As a result traffic has gone up on my blog, more people have signed up for my daily inspirational message and my facebook page has started to grow.

What did it take to achieve this goal?
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Besides having the tools to blog, such as a website, hosting, auto responder… it took a commitment… it took determination… and it took tenacity to wake up extra early to write.

You have to have a reason for why you are striving towards achieving your goal.

A “WHY”?

A “WHY” is what keeps you going, long after the feeling of determination you had when you made the goal is gone. what is your why

For me it is passive income. I love passive income. Internet marketing and blogging is a tremendous way to create passive income streams. This was my why, and what kept me going on the days I did not want to spend 1-2 hours writing a blog post.

So what about 2015!!

And how about you? Are your goals set and are you ready to roll?

A big congrats if you have created them and are working them.

You even get extra brownie points if you have written your goals down on paper.

And you go to the head of the class if you have shared your goals with other people.

Now if you have not created your goals yet… now is the time, as of today it is just 1 week past the turn of the New Year.

That means you have 357 days to do great things.

Lots of time… but don’t put it off any longer… now is the time.

Do not start tomorrow… start Now!

Procrastination destroys more people’s dreams then any other culprit.

The following are 4 quick tips to help you set your goals for 2015:

Goal Setting Tip #1. Make them about you.

Set YOUR goals. Not someone else’s!


Goal Setting Tip #2. Make them attainable.

Having pie in the sky goals will discourage you. Set attainable goals that bring you closer, step by step to your larger life long goal.


Goal Setting Tip #3. Write them down.

A goal that is not written down is simply a dream. Writing them down makes them real!


Goal Setting Tip #4.  Share your goals with others.

This helps you stay committed to them. The people who you share them with will ask you how you are doing with them so you have another reason to keep on keeping on.
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To be very straight with you… there is no magic to this exercise.

Just be honest with yourself… what do you want to achieve in 2015? change your life with your goals

Decide today… actually right now… sit down and write your goals out!

It would blow your mind if you realized just how much more successful in life you could be if you did as the “Guru’s” told you and actually sat down and created tangible goals, and then developed a plan to reach your goals, and then simply shared your goals with somebody close to you!!

It Would Blow Your Mind What You Would Accomplish!!

And last but not least before I wrap up this blog post…

Keep Your Goals Visible!!

You need to see them at least daily… preferably many times through out the day. They do nothing for you if they are hid away in a book or your dresser.

Post them on your desk… tape them to your bathroom mirror… carry them in your wallet or purse… put them on your fridge… tape them to the dash of your car… Make them Visible… look at them all the time… ingrain them into your head!!

And don’t forget to track your progress. How are you doing, are you making strides forward? This keeps you on track and allows you to make adjustments if need be!

Make it your plan to make 2015 a great year. In the end it is simply a choice to do so!


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